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Media’s Fear Mongering ‘1K Deaths Per Day!’ Stat Dries Up; What Will Replace It?

The sad part is, it will work like a charm on the #Covidiots. Like a mother fucking charm.

Source: Love Breeds Accountability | September 2, 2020

Media’s Fear Mongering ‘1K Deaths Per Day!’ Stat Dries Up; What Will Replace It?

As soon as I heard one person in the media say “more than 1,000 people are dying each day from this virus,” I knew it would immediately become the media’s favorite COVID-19 phrase.

The actual number of deaths was losing potency and not moving nearly fast enough for the media and their Democratic allies. They needed a fresh metric with which to terrorize our nation and, whenever and wherever possible, scare us into total paralysis and submission.

They were going to continue punishing our nation for electing Donald Trump.

They were going to continue making our lives hell and unleashing war in our streets.

They were going to continue inciting racial unrest and upheaval.

They were going to continue scaring people into killing themselves at home instead of going to a hospital where they might catch the dreaded COVID-19.

They were going to continue stunting the growth emotionally, socially and intellectually of literally every child in America.

They were going to continue investing every shred of time and energy they have into making sure that fear of COVID-19 creates exponentially more social, economic, and health-related carnage than the virus itself ever could or would have.

They desperately hated our nation even before we defied them and elected President Trump, and they would remain unrelenting with their destructive lies and seething hatred for all of us unless we elect someone who meets their approval.

They wanted to keep doing all these things but just needed a fresh, scary hook that they could hang it all on.

Enter “More than 1,000 deaths per day!”, sometime around mid August.

It’s a big number.  But it’s also a clear narrowing of the media’s ability to market the fear. As the threat itself became smaller, the fear porn the media could produce from it would have to become more granular. And so the very big numbers — “150,000 deaths!” — became much smaller.

I was again reminded of the media’s penchant for “reducing to the ridiculous;” a sales technique where you cherry pick and re-package numbers to manipulate a buyer’s perception.

For the media on COVID-19 that meant not waiting for 170,000 to become 180 or 190 to become 200. That would take way too long. They needed something else; something stronger and more threatening right now.

And so they landed on “More than 1,000 deaths per day.”

The minute I heard it I knew we’d start hearing it everywhere. And we did. For almost every lead-in or discussion on COVID-19, the media and/or one of their leftist allies would work themselves up to the point of tears and then lament the metric…

“More than 1,000 deaths per day!”

Knowing the stat’s shelf life would be short-lived, I also wondered what the media would do when the number dries up.

And that’s where I am right now because the 7-day moving average of deaths in the U.S. has been under 1,000 per day every day for more than a week now. (This despite the “grim, scary spike in cases” that the media spent much of the summer pretending to panic over.)

The number will keep dropping and by next year COVID-19 will claim significantly fewer deaths than the average flu. And it’ll keep claiming significantly fewer deaths than the average flu probably in perpetuity. And that’s exactly what was going to happen no matter what we did because you can’t stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading any more than you can stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing. 

The media along with their corrupt peers in academia — the “I love America, but” crowd — weaponized this virus to punish the country they hate so much. Had Hillary been president it would have been a 1-week story that ended in March. And its first and last headline would have probably been something like…


And that would have been it.

The deaths would’ve still come but you wouldn’t have spent 6 months of your life hiding in your closet and mourning each one as if it were your best friend because the media wouldn’t have scared you into that sad and submissive state.

So what will the media use next to scare us?

What will be the next metric?

We know they have fireworks planned for 200,000 deaths but they’ve got a lot of election to meddle in before that number comes.

My guess is they spend the rest of the time from here on out in the “every hour” territory. So a few times during each broadcast they can check back in with viewers to let them know:

“According to the science which, unlike the president we here at CNN respect, more than 20 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States so far this hour alone. And that number is expected to go up. Let’s take a moment to remember those lives.”

Death is tragic enough but disingenuously exploiting and weaponizing death — and causing tremendous collateral carnage at the same time — all in service to a social and political agenda that you’re not able to be honest about — is far more tragic

They’re in overdrive now because President Trump promised to drain the swamp on which they depend for survival. And the media has long been the swamp’s most ardent and effective propaganda arm, so what we’re witnessing — the desperation, shamelessness and pure evil — these are some of the media’s last breaths. And after everything they’ve done to our nation — all the division, disparity and destruction they’ve actually created to help their allies in the Democratic party — I don’t feel even slightly bad speculating and laughing about what some of their last words will sound like.

And my money is on “deaths per hour.” The media is just that predictable. They want to keep spreading fear and pain, and that will be the language they adopt in their ongoing efforts to do so.

It’s fun to think about this whole COVID hysteria being behind us, and Trump crushing Biden in a landslide, and Americans who happen to be black finally walking away from the Democrats and media who for decades have profited off their pain. These are all great things that we deserve to look forward to and even be optimistic about. But while they’ll be seriously depleted, the media will not give up the fight when Trump wins again in November. And that’s something we need to look at and be ready for more seriously. So amid your early onset schadenfreude with respect to the election and all the great things Trump’s 2nd term will mean for America, take a few minutes to read this piece — America’s Media Must Be Dealt With Once & For All — and think about how we can truly defeat the media. Because I promise you all we’re doing right now when we play their game, their way, on their turf, is empowering them.

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