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Real Gnomes and Goblins Caught on Camera in Real Life | My personal experience with a tiny humanoid

I had a personal experience with a tiny creature many years ago deep in woods in New England that also involved a litter of Fisher Cats. No one believes me and I stopped even telling the story anymore because of the reaction I would get. I was with another person, so we have each other as witnesses. We had stopped our quads at this giant boulder and after we had been stopped for a while we suddenly heard squeeking from underneath the boulder. Then, like something out of a Disney movie, or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, these baby Fisher cats, one by one it seemed, starting marching out from under this boulder. I had never even known Fisher cats were a native species to the northern boreal forest and they looked like little ferrets to me and it was fascinating to watch. The baby Fisher cats literally surrounded us and seemed to be asking us for food or something it was really cool. They came right up to our feet and were reaching upwards towards us as they squeeked. They didn’t appear scared of us at all and we made sure not to make any sudden movements. Then as we were fixated on the baby Fisher cats, we suddenly noticed this tiny little thing at the opening underneath the boulder where the Fisher cats had just come out, staring at us. Nervously rocking back and forth, in and out of sight, peering around the side of the opening. It was getting close to dusk, so making out the details were cumbersome at that point. My friend and I kept looking at each other and then looking back at this thing, repeating over and over to each other, “what is that?”, “what is that?”. Almost pleading with the other for an explanation. After staring at it for several very long minutes, one of us took a step forward and the thing pushed itself up off the ground and ran on 2 legs back across the opening, into an area with much better light and less shadow, back underneath the boulder. Giving us a momentary glimpse of the thing in much better light..This thing was not only bi-pedal but it was clothed and had a little pinkish brownish hat. The thing was 4-5 inches tall max.

I know, I know. Hence why we stopped talking about it. We know what we saw and each confirmed this with one another. If we had been by ourselves we never would have believed ourselves or our memory as to what we actually saw. But we confirmed with each other what we had saw and we indeed did see the same little creature scamper underneath that rock.

We tried coming up with all sorts of wild explanations afterwards. From a mutant baby squirrel or chipmunk(since the babies will have that pink skin, which I tried to rationalize as the pink hat I saw) to a baby barn owel, all the way to a premature mutant baby piglet with a skin condition. But ultimately we knew it wasn’t any of those things.

Why the heck it was living with a bunch of Fisher cats, I have no idea, maybe it just used the same entrance to some underground maze of chambers. Who knows….but we know what we saw.

I haven’t told that story in 15 years and the only reason I’m telling it now is because this video came across my feed and I just don’t give a fuck anymore as the world seems to be coming to an end. Plus I use a pen name on here anyway.

I have a feeling that sightings of these things are much more common than most of us realize and most people are just too embarrassed to come out and share their experiences. I became one of those people after being mocked and after initially being excited and confident about it. People are dicks.
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