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Poll Shows Nationwide COLLAPSE Of Sports Due To Woke Politics | NBA Ratings Disaster!

What a surprise. Lebron has done nothing but outright embarass himself lately. Exposing the NBA as the peddlers of cringy “wokeness” and the shills for Chinese Communism that we’ve long suspected them of being.

I actually don’t think Lebron ever even learned how to read back when he was a highly touted, Nike sponsored High School athlete. Why would he have been expected to learn something as inconsequential as literacy? His job was to get the ball in the hoop. Nothing more. Learning how to read would have been too much for his handlers to have asked of him. Yeah, I said it. I DON’T THINK LEBRON CAN READ.

Yes LeBron, MalcomX was a very very smart man. Unlike your stupid illiterate ass. Stop embarrassing yourself & the league like this.

VIDEO: Low IQ LeBron James Stammers After Being Asked about Black Power Book He Claims to be Reading

But now, the NBA is asking more of him and its proven disastrous. Putting this stammering sell-out dummy in front of the press has been nothing but an unmitigated public relations catastrophe and its nice to see the fans finally make him and the league pay for their incessant pandering to P.C. wokeness and the leagues obliviousness to his unintelligence. Remember how articulate, confident and likable Michael Jordan was? They should have just cloned him. Fuck this guy. He might as well be a Robotoid that’s remote controlled by someone in Beijing. Poorly I might add.

I know that Bron thinks that he and his boy Chad Boseman, are the reincarnated Babylonian & Egyptian gods from the ancient world, but he forgets that most of his ex-fans are still human beings and we don’t play that shit.

I hate to bask in anothers misfortune, but watching the NBA crash and burn like this, while LeBron continues to humiliate himself and the league, time and time again, is heart warming and straight up exhilarating to watch. Better than any NBA game I’ve ever seen.

Have fun burning in hell with HaSatan when he’s done using you for whatever he has planned for your role assisting him during these “End Times”. There is no “son of Satan” designation DUMBASS. You burn with the rest of them. Kobe is likely finding that out for himself right about now, unless he also switched over to a synthetic vessel like your boy Chad did. I’m still up in the air as to whether Kobe was an outright sacrifice, or merely sacrificed his original vessel. But it definitely was a sacrifice. That much I’m sure of.

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