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EVERYTHING You Were Taught in School was a LIE | Outline of New & Alternative Scientific & Historical Paridigms | YOU MUST BECOME A FOOL TO LOSE THE WISDOM OF THIS WORLD


World History | Globe Earth 🌍 | Evolution & Darwinism | Outer Space | Aliens from other planets | Giants were only fairytales | Celebrities are the gender they claim to be | Current accepted geological timeline

Those are just a few of the mainstream positions you can comfortably cross out and expel from your life. It feels GREAT. I was able to recently delete a ton of videos I had saved to watch later now that I know outer space is most DEFINITELY 100% horseshit after taking in the absolutely incredible new “Crater Earth” theory from Godgevlamste.

Even more importantly, we now are ahead of the curve and won’t be duped into watching anymore content that we know is hogwash. I feel rejuvinated. Think about how much time you will now save being able to confidently flick away so much of the garbage content out their from creators who haven’t yet accepted these new paradigms.

Alarm bells should have started blaring within everyone heads when first learning the specifications of the size of our earth and the supposed speed that our made up ball earth was violently thrashing through space at. Many of us went to CCD as kids and therfore we knew all about 666 and what it meant. So the fact that everything seemed to add up to some iteration of 666 should have started to manifest some healthy apprehension within us. But we can’t blame ourselves.

We accept the reality of the world we are presented with.

The Truman Show

The good news is that we no longer need to waste our time listening to asswipes who try telling us that outer space is a real thing or that our world is a globe or that humans evolved from a salamander that evolved from single cell organisms which originally just magically metamorphosised from a primordial soup of lava and amino acids. An event that would be tantamount to a tornado plowing through a junk yard and spitting out a fully assembled and perfectly operational 747 jet airplane. I don’t care how much theoretical time you allot for this to take place, there is NO WAY that’s how it went down. Dead it. The jump from the single celled organism to the semi aquatic salamander, then to humans is outrageous enough. But the jump from NOTHING to the first cellular life is even more insane.

Now look. Your gonna get mocked and ridiculed by many, if not most people you try to present this stuff to. I know not everyone is like me who has a kind of Black Panther like armor from criticism where I absorb the malice and transmutate it into unadulterated joy and excitement and throw it right back at them. But you can find solace in the fact that you now know that it is they who are the dummies here. You are the one privy to the secrets of the world. Secrets about our the nature of our physical world and the truth about our past. The real historical timeline that all these asshole esoteric mystery schools have been hiding from everyone for all these thousands of years. You got the juice now.

We were lucky enough to have been born into a generation that was able to network-up with one another and share research and knowledge. Efficiently presenting unique insights and ground breaking study materials and eventually enabling us to reveal a plethora of hidden truths to each other via video sharing platforms and the internet in general. So they can’t hide this kind of stuff from everyone anymore. And the ones who are too stubborn to accept it can go eat a handful of mainstream media diarrhea and continue to believe the lies they were told from their deranged genderless, post-modern, granola breathed teachers at whatever collegiate institution their minds were poisoned at.

I’m going to email that professor this post when I’m done from my arizona.edu email account. That should be interesting. I used to have to study SO HARD for those exams in his intro level astronomy class. I’m not too happy about having spent so much time learning garbage.

Looking back at my astronomy teacher at the University of Arizona for example(Ivy league bred, VERY prestigious man), and how pretentious he was as he taught us about “the accretion disk”, the layout and processes of our “solar system”, the “nuclear sun”, as well as a boatload of other outrageous and made-up galactic processes relating to outer space, MAKES ME SICK. Looking back at how important he always seemed to think he was and still is, is an almost creepily shocking thing to ponder. As you know he’s continuing his quackery and young mind-pollution this very moment.

But I sleep like a baby knowing that it’s me(and you) , some asshole ex-derivatives trader with a blog who reads 2-3 new books and/or scientific journals a day, who now knows more about the true nature of our planet than a howdy towdy tenured prick like that guy does. A cocky amateur with an open mind and a loud mouth.

I have people like John Levi, Godgevlamste, Mudfossil University, WeeWarrior, Flat Earth Brothers, Michelle Gibson, Megaliths.org, Megalithomania, Klaus Dona, Steve Quayle/Tom Horn & Timothy Alberino of Gensix, Gods Flat Earth, The Celtic Tartarian Channel, UnchartedX and many many others to thank for these breakthroughs and I am forever infinitely grateful to them for selflessly sharing all their precious knowledge and breakthroughs with the rest of the world. That’s not even counting any of the religious channels, which I will make a separate list for.

Treasure your newfound knowledge, don’t be ashamed of the wild implications these new theories postulate. And especially don’t pay any mind to what any secular or mainstream loyalist dissident may have to say. YOU GOT THE JUICE NOW. Those type of people are piss ant low-lifes that you can justifiably feel aloof towards if they decide to make the mistake of making fun of you. Send em over my way if you don’t have the stomach to duke it out with them. It would be my honor.

Don’t ever let anyone EVER talk you out of going with what your own common sense tells you is right. No matter how much you may get mocked for latching onto these new reformulations of so many of the established scientific and historical narratives we’ve been taught by the Masonic influenced academic fixtures in our society. Stand your ground. Fuck em. Fuck ALL’em.

I’ve put some of the greatest hits of all those researchers I mentioned together below. 👇👇👇




GEOLOGY: Radiohalos—The Flood’s Smoking Gun

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  1. Rachel Dempster

    I have never believed the Darwin theory no matter how far back we go people found in the ice are still people. The earth being a thousand times larger and us living in a crater makes absolute sense to me. But he did discover the earth is a sphere; there is a recent video where you see that when people went up in rockets they discovered that we were living in a crater and they send rockets up to get to the earths surface they then go sideways and land on the earths surface not the moon which has a lot of craters on it so we are wondering what they have been building or doing up there as they have known this for decades ? There is another theory about the moon being an alien ship that is ringing with life and putting a dark force on the earth apparently it is starting to rust the more we awaken and route out the evil forces on the planet. No idea what the truth is? keeping an open mind. I think the other planets like mars etc are just other craters on the earths surface just a theory. Our senses are certainly getting snap crackled and popped finding out all the lies we have been told it is worse than the Truman show and frankly life is getting more like an episode of DR WHO as we go forward. But I will try to keep my feet on the ground and have an open mind.

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