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That Time They Told You the AntiChrist Came in 2000 (VIDEO LINK FIXED)

YahushuaBenDavid is also convinced that the once real earth ended in 1999 and was replaced by our current Saturn Matrix Cube Holographic reality. I think we just moved from one false substrate to another. The Y2K event. Or Yahweh to Kali. Yahweh handing off the Saturn Cube torch to Lilith. Not quite sure how Lucifer fits into that theory as well.



Poor Prince. NOT…. It did appear as though Prince was regretful towards the end of his life for what he had become and what he had done. Which was lead a life compelled and possesed by legion spirits. Carrying out Satan’s grand plan in the meantime.

The whole spiel about Joseph being the original Baphomet is news to me. It sucks I have to spend so much extra time double checking the claims that Tamara makes being that she’s an agent of Talmudic deceivers and the blaspheming of the true Messiah. However I usually end up finding that her deceptive claims are few and far between. She lies as sparingly as possible to increase the effectiveness of the mistruths she does lay out there.

Another jewel- rich video. I gotta watch “End of Days” with Arnold. I can’t believe I’ve never seen that movie.

Reliving all those hits from 1999 gave me hardcore flashbacks from high school and the girls I was messing with/pursuing at the time. It’s crazy how sounds can be so tightly intertwined with emotional and actual memory. Crazy. Had butterflies the whole 2nd half of the video. I’m not that tough, huh? It was like I was transported back to all those school dances and back into my ’93 Honda Accord I had in High School and the music that was coming out of the radio and my CD changer. Remember those?

I guess that’s the difference between what an actual human being feels vs a Reptilian hybrid or synthetic serpent seed vessel or Robotoid.

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