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The AntiChrist WILL NOT Be Stopped | Trump & Dr. Birx Sliding Supernaturally Across the Screen After Having Unveiled Their Fancy New “Image of the Beast” Quantum Powered CGI-Tech | +John Brennan CGI Appearance on MSNBC

Speaking of CGI, did anyone see John Brennan on MSNBC yesterday? My God. They are obviously still in the BETA stages of this new tech, as that washeed-out and grainy version of John Brennan was an outright embarrassment and an insult to the people. When I got up close the screen on my large 4k TV, you could REALLY see how synthetic the image was. The fact that they would try passing off that crappy avatar of the seditious ex-CIA chief like that shows you just how little they think of their diminishing audience.

The press conference with Birx and Trump supernaturally sliding across the floor was the initial unveiling of this new composite-generating CGI technology. You’d think they would have made more improvements than they apparently have by now.

You can see the sliding at the 54:40 minute mark, but she goes over all sorts of little hints they give throughout the press conference. You should definitely watch the whole video if you haven’t seen it already.

Look, I’m not trying to come off as any iteration of a lefty Trump Deranged shill for having shown you these harrowing truths about big T. Those of you who have followed me for the past 6 months know very well that I am about as far from a leftist or Trump Deranged as any human being can possibly be and admittedly hate the DemonRats and what they stand for as much as any Conservative with an ounce of common sense and decency is able to loathe anything.

In fact, for all intensive purposes I view Trump as the epitome of the perfect politician, at least from an ideological point of view, and I do appreciate much of what he has brought to the table since taking office and have thoroughly enjoyed watching him snuff out his even more demonic rivals and will enthusiastically vote for him this coming November.

But don’t it twisted kids, he’s working for the Dragon just like any other world leader has since the fall of Lucifer and the rest of the exiled army of rebel fallen Angels. He has been under the influence of the same legion spirits that have parasitically infected each and every President since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Satan, the one in control of all these Anti-Christ figures who have been possessed by the legion spirit, has been running the show from behind the scenes for a LONG LONG time. He is the “hidden hand”.

Most of the elites refer to him as “the rain man” and worship and revere him as passionately as I worship the true Messiah.


I used to think that the commencement of the “End Times” would involve the manifestation of a single and very obvious Anti-Christ figure. An individual that had been pre-selected and commissioned to play the role and would inhabit a particular chosen human or custom designed synthetic vessel. This legion possesed human or synthetic vessel would then make a triumphant appearance onto the world stage with much pomp and circumstances. Making it obvious and apparent to all who had been expecting him as to who this person was. Now, they may in fact still be planning a similar grand unveiling event of some kind, with a designated character designed to play what will seemingly be a more obvious permutation of the Anti-Christ figure most of us have been expecting. But, I have ultimately realized that this was a naive approach and a very human-like expectation of how these supernaturally empowered “Fallen Angel” legion spirits operate.

The AntiChrist Investigation

Much like God, HaSatan is an immortal being who transcends both space and time and is able to jump from vessel to vessel while simultaneously inhabiting more than one legion possesed human or synthetic at a time.

He’s been in control of each and every president since the inception of this nation, ensuring that his grand plan of gloom and doom was continuously seen-through and never potentially sabotaged by any honest, God-fearing human. Sealing the deal and our fate at the same time. Ultimately culminating with a crescendo known as the “great deception”. An ancient plan that scripture has long forewarned us of. Who better to to put the cherry on top and finalize the architecture and mechanisms of this grand scheme than the much beloved Trump?

Listen, as stated above, even I love Trump to a certain extent, simply because of what he represents politically. But don’t be overly beguiled by what has become the greatest show on earth, with his electrifying rallies, encouraging, motivational and refreshing rhetoric with the promise of long sought after reformation and the end of the long standing practices of D.C. politicians of personal enrichment and betrayal of the actual people they are supposed to be serving. All that being said, at least from a non-secular esoteric point of view, he ends up being one in the same when you boil away the bullshit.

There was no one who was crushed more than I was after having initially been captivated from the “Fall of the Cabal” documentary and all the draining of the swamp rhetoric. A narrative that IS in fact true, as far as the legitimacy of the ongoing arrests, military tribunals and executions of Deep State operatives who are guilty of treason and crimes against children/humanity. I see new proofs of this each day, just look a Brennans supposed appearance with super-shill Nicole Wallace on MSNBC that I mentioned above. That boy was executed. He dead.


Just don’t be so mesmerized by what’s taking place than you end up following Qanon and Trump off a cliff and into the Abyss. Which is what they have planned for the poor souls who go all- in on the Trump train and fail to see the bigger picture and shocking reality that is the commencement of the “End Times” scenario.

Don’t get me wrong, you can jump on for a quick ride on this Trump train to ensure that the horrific Biden-Harris duo gets no where near the White House. But it’s like choosing between electrocution or lethal injection. They’ll both kill you in the end, one just happens to be messier and more uncomfortable. HaSatan will see his plans executed and followed through with no matter what happens and who ends up occupying that oval office.

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