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SKEWER SATURDAY: I Take The Time to Destroy “SciManDan” & One of His Brain-Dead Subs Who Made the Mistake of Ridiculing What I See as One of the Most Groundbreaking & Incredible New Theories by Godgevlamste & His “Crater Earth” Theory | + NEW “CRATER EARTH” EVIDENCE

What better excuse to keep talking about my beloved “Crater Earth” theory and present some of his latest finds than to feature it alongside my skewering of his cringy low-functioning mainstream shill dissidents on YouTube?

Is it wrong of me to enjoy dismantling these people so thoroughly? I don’t want to make people feel bad just for the sake of it. You certainly have to deserve it. But I feel no guilt when I admit that my comments are designed to inflict as much personal doubt and insecurity upon these YouTubers as I know how to. And believe me, as much as they try to assert that these kinds of comments don’t affect them, these creators are probably the most susceptible of anyone to feelings of insecurity and an overall general propensity to have their feelings hurt. And hurting them unfortunately is the only way to get through to a lot of these mainstream YouTube sociopaths.

As much as many of you might not believe me when I say this, I don’t go after these people for sport, just for the sake of attempting to humiliate someone. I do it to the channels like SciManDans, who have nothing better to do than baselessly attack a groundbreaking new theory from someone who they are clearly threatened by for having the creativity and intelligence levels that they wish they had. Instead of being more open-minded and accepting the possibility that much of what we have been taught by academia may very well be untrue, they make pretentious sociopathic videos like this in attempt to posture themselves as the intellectual superior, when in fact they are really far inferior in just about every possible way. This little chode will never discover anything or create anything. He’ll just meander through life looking for the acceptance of other cringy low-IQ dirtbags like him who constantly play the devils advocate towards anything that may be paradigms shifting. These people are some of the worst people there are and they are not going to operate with impunity so long as I’m around.

I put my comments below so you don’t have to waste your time clicking on this pompous piece of garbage video. SciManDan and Warrick Dawes received a piece of my triggered mind in the comments section of SciMan’s “The Most Ridiculous Theory About the Earth Yet!” video.

*I like to make sure to type out their handles and the name of the video so they end up finding the post.

And then Mr. Warrick Dawes was next.

But why….? Can you explain why this particular set of theories presented by Godgevlamste doesn’t hold water? I bet you’d be as successful in pulling that off as you are in NOT coming off as a pretentious aloof bafoon who doesn’t really know much of anything beyond what is accepted in the mainstream. You are one of the great many who are too cowardly to ever go out on a limb about anything, no matter how compelling the evidence, as you can’t stand the ridicule stemming from what are likely many personal insecurities and a raging lack of intelligence and social aptitude. It’s OK. There are others who are willing to do groundbreaking research. We’ve known long well that people like you can only be counted on to take up space and talk loudly about nothing. If you actually took the time to even look at Godgevlamstes research, you would find that the globe earth theory is still very much apart of the new model he came up with. Did you have trouble understanding some of the bigger words used in the video and got flustered and turned it off? Its OK, there will be plenty of other goons just like u in the comments section that will come rushing to your defense. But your not fooling as many people as you think you are. Your a low functioning consumption parasite and a big part of what’s wrong with our society these days.

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