ANTIFA & BLM Savages

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists launch attacks in major American cities tonight after the Breonna Taylor verdict was handed down | +”This is America” Video Exposed Foreshadowing EVERYTHING That’s Happening Now

The extent to which so many of the participants in this carnage are obediently doing exactly as they are told is astonishing and nauseating. Programmed sheeple is not the right term. Hypnotized submissive toolbags is a much better characterization.

You know that this was all foreshadowed in the Childish Gambino “This is America” video? I don’t mean slyly hinted at here and there. I mean flat out transparently portrayed right out in the open, as so not even the simpletons would miss the point(though many of course will regardless). The masks, the violence against white people & cops, all the losers wearing their masks while filming all the violence around them while doing nothing, the targeting of Christians. Its all in there for everyone to see. Clear as day. Unfortunately many will just waive it away and chalk it all up to happenstance like the dummies they are. But if your reading this your likely much wider awake than the rest. Watch it. Then get really mad.

On a side note, did anyone else find his dance moves in this video to be almost otherworldly?

I’m not trying to glorify what is obviously a synthetic legion controlled vessel in Donald Glover (he flat out admits this in his song Redbone and even portrays himself as a puppet in the video when dancing atop the car as you can see).

But I just had to point out that the execution of the dance moves he pulls off in this video are like nothing I’ve ever seen. Even from Michael Jackson. There was very clearly a non human presence that was inhabiting and influencing this vessel during the filming of this video that gave Glover legion-spirit like abilities. Allowing him to pull off the kind of fluidity and otherwordly-like movement that we see him somehow able to execute as he jirated, spun and flailed in ways I have difficulty comprehending. I was in awe as I watched him dancing atop that car and mimicking the characteristic movements of a legion controlled/possesed puppet(We know that the cars represent the different vessels these celebrities inhabit). Notice the very obvious puppet strings hanging from the wall behind him. Tamara pointed this out in one of her recent videos, as well as the meaning of Childish Gambinos/ Donald Glovers “Redbone” video.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists launch attacks in major American cities tonight after the Breonna Taylor verdict was handed down

Source: by Geoffrey Grider | Now the End Begins | September 23, 2020

In major cities all across America right now, ANITFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists are waging terror campaigns from coast to coast. Huge mobs, some armed with weapons, are wreaking havoc, defying law enforcement to stop them. It is literally a scene from out of an end times novel. But writing about it does not do it any justice, you need to see it with your own eyes.

So here now below are videos from all over America, taken just moments ago, showing you the chaos engulfing us as the spirit of Antichrist is rising.

Setting fire to the courthouse in Louisville:

Riots In Atlanta:

Destroying Restaurants In DC

Verbally Assaulting Elderly Patrons In St. Pete

BLM Terrorists In Denver:

Rioters In New York City Demand Violence:

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