David Spade spills his nasties via Reverse Speech | I Have a DISTURBING Adrenochrome Dream Involving an Estranged College Friend of Mine Who is Now a Celebrity

This was pretty creepy. There is much more to this reverse speech stuff than people realize. I’m still unsure if these reverse speech patterns are a result of the person’s subconscious blurting out subliminal meanings or if there is some kind of Demonic force inside these people who are controlling their speech and communicating to other Demons using reverse speech.


I actually had a very very vivid and absolutely nauseatingly terrifying nightmare relating to Adrenochrome and a close friend of mine from college who is now a comedian and legit Hollywood celebrity.

So this close friend of mine from my college days is now a somewhat famous B level actor and comedian and has had several Comedy Central stand up appearances and is on several TV series and has done a bunch of movies. Including several where he is the lead. Many of you would definitely know this person. We have lost touch and do not talk and haven’t seen each other in 15 years easily, so it was very weird and ultra creepy to have this particular dream.


My friend and I were driving around in some random city, it felt like Paris or Montreal for some reason. The whole time he was bullying me around and making me do things and go places I didn’t want to. For anyone that knows me that just doesn’t happen and would never happen in reality. No one is going to make me do anything and I will always vehemently stand up to anyone. To a fault. But I didn’t in this case.

I remember being distressed and scared the entire time. We were also with another friend of ours from school but he was just a backdrop mostly and was never really relevant or involved with what me and this other semi-famous friend of ours were doing. At some point in the day(it was daytime throughout), he ended up picking up a small girl from what seemed like a designated child-inventory location for the elites. She was around 4 years old I would guess. It was white girl with dark hair and she was wearing a yellow tank top(I definitely always dream in color, I don’t know why people say you don’t). He brought the girl back to an apartment. Had no idea who’s apartment it was, but it wasn’t a hotel. I was sitting in a chair with the girl sitting next to me. He came into the room where I had been sitting with this child and said to me, “alright little guy or little buddy“(that’s what he called me)….”I don’t think you want to be here for this“. At that point I knew exactly what he meant when he said that and proceeded to pathetically beg him to not do what he was about to. He laughed and then kicked me out of the room.

He then very obviously tortured and killed the child and got high off the Adrenochrome. I didn’t hear it or see it but I knew that’s what had happened because he had given this other friend of ours some of the Adrenochrome afterwards and I remember him remarking how incredibly high it had gotten him. I didn’t want any and was distressed and also terrified of him, but also somehow knew that he wasn’t going to do anything to me at least. The matter of fact way it was carried out was haunting.

He then brought the mutilated body of this small girl wrapped in a bed sheet into the room where he had sent me off to and handed it to me. She had her hands folded on her chest with a note. On the note it said something along the lines of, “the person who did this to me likes, or is a fan of[BLANK]…..” I can’t remember what the [BLANK] was exactly, but it was basically a joke and something that he knew I liked relating to a topic that he had made fun of me over at some point during the day and the note was his way of further belittling me and outright bragging to me about how he killed the girl in the other room, against my wishes, and most importantly he wanted me to know how well aware he was as to how utterly freaked out I was. The details in the note weren’t very descriptive and it wasn’t anything that could have ever led to anyone’s identification. It was as though he genuinely wasn’t trying to get me in trouble or anything, it was just him fucking with me and asserting himself over me further. Showing me that there was nothing I could have done to stop him. He then commanded me to take the body to a designated location outside the city limits where it could be safely disposed of(Vaguely recall images of a dumping spot underneath a bridge next to a river similar to the scene in “The Departed”. The dream then abruptly ends.

Yeah. Fucked fucked fucked up. Right?

I am by no means insinuating that he was the kind of person that would actually do something like this. The entire ordeal was uncharacteristic for EVERYONE involved. I would obviously never allow someone to do that and am the last person on earth to be steam rolled by the will of another. I used to stand up to all sorts of people that were way bigger than me, including him.(He called me “little buddy” or “little guy” not because I’m necessarily that small, but because he is significantly above average in height and stature). As far as standing on the sidelines and doing nothing about it, I am one of the few people who actually has done something(what very little I can) and spoken out about this Adrenochrome crap by blogging about it so often. So the whole situation of the dream was a mind fuck to say the least.

I have however found myself wondering if this friend of mine who is now a Hollywood celebrity millionaire, was forced to join the world of Adrenochrome harvesting in exchange for his fame. Not his initial fame. He clearly earned that via his merits and talent, but his heightened and continued success I should say. I just hope that this dream wasn’t somehow esoteric residue embedded within the networked shared subconscious, similar to the Akashic record, that somehow found its way to me since I have been so entrenched in the topic within our little community. It would make sense for us to still be connected in some way or another. We were pretty tight friends in college and hung out daily and I was even there for the very first stand-up comedy routine he ever did at an Amateur night event. But we haven’t spoken in so long. At least 15 years. I am embarrassed to admit that I haven’t even taken the time to watch all his movies and his regular appearances with his role on the several TV series he is in. It just really really irked me to have that dream. And such a vivid one at that. I usually don’t remember dreams PERIOD. Never mind actually ending up remembering one that vividly. My dreams are usually much more scattered and way more obtuse and wild and will usually fade very quickly upon waking up. The fact that it’s 3 days later and I am able to remember it this clearly and that its still on my mind to the point I have decided to blog about it, is kinda upsetting to me.

I won’t name this person for obvious reasons. But I would bet that at least half of you would know who he is. His featured stand up routine is all about our group of friends in college if anyone is able to piece together who it is. I won’t reveal anymore beyond that. Only those of you who have followed me from the beginning and possess way above average analytical abilities would even have a chance at piecing together who this person might be and it’s still unlikely you’d be able to. I’ll leave it at that.

It’s just a dream though. Thought I’d share that. I’m a weirdo eccentric, I know. It wasn’t exactly the most flattering dream as far as the way I was portrayed throughout, so if I were going to make something like this up, the story and context would have surely been something less embarrassing and uncomfortable. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to share it but I was told by my doctor to start writing down my dreams.

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