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Billy Eilish & Justin Beiber Literally Share a Conciousness and Are the 2 Most Blatantly Obvious Gender Inverts in Hollywood | Plus Torey Lanz Shoots Megan the Stallion After Discovering Her Penis | One of Tamaras Best Videos

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It’s Jilly Eiber! Lol. I came up with that all on my own. That makes so much damn sense that they share a legion-controlled hivemind consciousness. Damn. Tamaras got some FIRE information.

I also had no idea that Torey Lanz had shot Megan the Stallion after freaking out upon finding that she had a dick between her legs. But I gotta wonder. How on earth can someone like Torey Lanz NOT know that everyone is gender inverted? He must also be one as well. Do they just expect that you will undergo whatever fancy surgery that the elites have available and it ends up acting as a raging insult if you try to hook up with someone without having undergone the surgery? That’s all I can think of as an explanation.

What a mind fuck.

This is one of Tamara’s most entertaining videos she’s ever done. Though I practically feel that about all of them when I’m done watching each one. She’s certainly the best content creator of all the Talmudists at least. Those guys are usually Baby dick biting Rabbis out performing Brisses, or war-hawk Israeli Nationalists(Zionists) stirring up unwarranted hatred towards Palestinians. Not middle aged African American ex-Hollywood cinematographers who operate one of the most entertaining and insightful YouTube channels of all time. But deceivers come in many forms. She claims to be an ex-occultist. Though I’m not so sure about that. Either way, her videos are straight gold and saturated with incredible insights into the occult world of the movie and music industry. Information that you would have difficulty obtaining elsewhere.

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