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Coming From a Guy Who’s Production Company Was Named “Kid Love Productions” & Wears Shoes That Are Made From The Skins of Children That He Sacrifices to a Dog-Headed God Named Moloch. But its Amy Barett Who’s the Crazy One? | Bill Maher: SCOTUS Pick Amy Barett Is “a F*cking Nut”

Nice try Bill. Have fun during these last few months of life before your father HaSatan comes for you.

This is coming from a guy who dresses up like a French Aristocrat and showcases his red shoes as the featured aspect of his outfit. An outfit that serves as a way to bombastically brag to the world about the ritualistic child sacrifices that he participates in and the tell-tale red-colored shoes they fasten out of the child’s skin after butchering them to a Pagan dog-headed diety.

Did I mention that the name of his freaking production company is “Kid Love Productions”? That’s not a joke or a parity. That’s the registered legal name of the company that’s on the books and plastered on the screen in the credits for his piece of shit show on HBO. Yet he has the audacity to call Amy Barett the crazy one?

He’s since tried changing the name to “Bill Maher Productions” as you will find on the Wikipedia entry. But the internet is forever you simpletons.

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Who is he even talking to? Does he still think he’s fooling everyone? Only the dumbest of the dumb sheeple libtards actually believe that these allegations are B.S. conspiracy jargon. Most know what he is by now.

You and many of your best buddies have been exposed as the sick child-murdering and raping fucks you are. Are you forgetting that all this stuff has been recently exposed and firmly placed within the purview of a hefty chunk of the public by now?

What kinds of pieces did you think would be written about you when you decided to come out and call Amy Barett crazy?

You skin children alive as part of a Satanic occult ritual in order to pay homage to a dog-headed God named Moloch and then proceed to make shoes from the hides of these sacrifical child-victims, dress up like a fairy toolbag, and wear those shoes made from their mutilated remains out in public as the featured accessory of your dark esoteric themed apparel!

Who are you to call anyone crazy? These are published photos of you and many others proudly posturing for the Paparazzi wearing this sick apparel. Shamefully boasting to the world that you murder children and wear their body parts as a garmet. Memorializing your hypocritical and pretentious depravity for eternity. And Amy Barett is crazy?!! What!!?? Ya sick hypocritical dummy.

No Billy. NO. Not happening. How much longer do you think your father(HaSatan) is going to find you to be useful? Not much longer I suspect. Once Trump has been comfortably setup for the next 4 years, your done my boy. You’ll be queued up on the sacrificial chopping block to be imminently butchered. I know you think that you’ll be allowed to transfer your consciousness into a separate synthetic vessel after the current Bill Maher vessel is snuffed out. But do you think that actually works? The new synthetic vessel will contain but a copy of your original soul. You true essence will go straight to hell. Even if the transfer does actually work, those new vessels are custom tailored for legion possession. Meaning you will have nearly no free-will whatsoever and your already dark and withered soul will be continuously subjected to the torments of the legion spirits in control of your new meat suit. Point being, you have nothing to look forward to. Your future is one of infinite agony and torment. And I’m loving it.

REAL SLIME with BILL MAHER: So what’s up with the red shoes Bill?
Pervywood 3
Hunting children for sport and claiming body parts as trophies.

Source: By. Sean Adl-Tabatabai | NewsPunch | September 26, 2020

Bill Maher: SCOTUS Pick Amy Barett Is “a F*cking Nut”

By. Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Bill Maher declared Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett “a fucking nut” during Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time.”

Maher said Barrett is “a fucking nut. Religion, I was right about that one too. … Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic, really Catholic. I mean really, really Catholic, like speaking in tongues, like she doesn’t believe in condoms. Which is what she has in common with Trump. Because he doesn’t either. I remember that from Stormy Daniels. So, she’s going to be on the court.”


The secular hatred of Bill Maher knows no bounds.
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