Can Someone Please Send Me The “Celine Dion Says Goodbye” VIDEO. I Know One of You Guys Must Have It. It Was The Most Downloaded Video From My Original Site Before Getting Banned

I’m doing a much more comprehensive post on this subject now. But I just thought I’d put this up here now and update my now lack of needing the video.


FOUND IT! I had it the whole time. I’m still impressed by whatever methods the tech guys on the Celine team used to scrub this video from the net. It’s no easy task doing something like that. I’ve uploaded it to LBRY this time. They are very free speech friendly and have a better and more reliable interface than BitChute. They haven’t touched my Sandee Huk uploads yet so I think this one will be fine too. But we’ll see. Celines people seem to be ON POINT, so we’ll see. She’s turning in her grave right now as I post this. I hope at least.


I did find this crappier version that someone cleverly snuck into YouTube, but the original high quality one that I had would be much appreciated.

Muchos muchos Gracias.

I literally have everything else saved except for that.

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