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THESE CELEBRITY GLOBALIST SHILLS ARE OUT OF CONTROL: Actor Jason Isaacs Says People Who Don’t Wear Face Masks Should Be “In Stocks, In Prison Or Hanging In The Streets”

Well Jason, I don’t think you wanna know what regular people think should be done to celebrities like you when they are eventually caught in our likely soon-to-be-lawless streets when shit really hits the fan. Especially after knowing you’ve said something as despicable as this during a time when your bosses were oppressing us so vigorously & shamefully, and all while you were helping them do it. Once the fabric of society inevitably breaks down from the actions of the very Globalist pigs you’re shilling for, you’re going to end up finding out what it is that we think should be done to you and those like you. We’re not even going to give you a heads up in the same way you’re giving us. You’re going to have to wait to find out.

Source: By. Niamh Harris | News Punch | September 30, 2020 via Nwo Report / 2020-10-01 01:54

Actor Jason Isaacs Says People Who Don’t Wear Face Masks Should Be “In Stocks, In Prison Or Hanging In The Streets”

By. Niamh Harris | News Punch | 9-30-20

Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs has claimed that people who don’t wear face masks amid the Coronavirus crisis should be “in the stocks, in prison, or hanging in the streets”.

People who refuse to wear masks and those “who don’t wear it over their nose” should be “in stocks, in prison, or hanging in the streets,” Issacs, who played Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” film series, told ITV talk show host Lorraine Kelly on Tuesday morning.

He also says the same punishment should be applied topeople who pull their mask down to have a chat and then pull it back up

Breitbart reports: Anti-mask rage is becoming more palpable, seemingly, by the day. Earlier this month, Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider took to social media to condemn anti-maskers who went into a Florida Target store blaring the group’s hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It” while ripping off their masks. In a tweet Wednesday, Snider called the stunt “moronic,” and shared a video that was recorded by an upset customer inside the Target at Coral Ridge Mall in Fort Lauderdale. The video had more than 30 million views.

Isaacs, who is also known for his roles in Harry Potter, The Patriot, and Peter Pan, spoke about recently returning to work on the set of Netflix series Sex Education, and how crucial but “weird” it was being with people wearing personal protection items like masks.

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