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Where’s Hunter, AGAIN? How Many Different Cloned Versions of Hunter Biden do They Expect to Get Away With?

Hunter was nowhere to be found at the debate. Maybe they finally had enough of the low quality clones they kept getting and just scrapped any plans they may have had to feature one in the audience. Joe had plenty of support from his augmented reality contact lenses anyway.

I’m sorry, but this is just insane. How many different versions of Hunter Biden have they used up to this point? Whoever is in charge of cloning copies of Hunter needs to get some better source DNA material or improve on the quality control aspects of the process because this is downright embarrassing. Those 4 Hunters look COMPLETELY different.

That boy is DEAD.

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  1. dehmitz

    I don’t think they were even trying with the version that appeared at the DNC. I initially thought that Ray Liotta needed more work after his Chantix money dried up.

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