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Celine Deon Says Goodbye to Her Fans & the World as She Heads Off to be EXECUTED | “The March Massacre”: Hanx & Many Other Celebrities Snuffed-Out by Trump & The Golden Dawn | MASSIVE MEME DUMP |+Updated Celebrity Arrests & Executions as of Sep. 29, 2020

We see 4 distinct occult symbologies being used by Celine here. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1.)Crossed arms over the chest clutching the Royal Egyptian scepter, representing that she is in fact an "undead" god from Ancient times who has bounced from one synthetic vessel to another. 2.)Covering one eye to represent the eye of Horus/Osiris and the "All Seeing Eye" of the illuminated ones. 3.)Creating a pyramid and or tetrahedron design with her hands to symbolize the Illuminati pyramid as well as the parasitic influence of this hierarchical class/power system. 4.) The last one is pretty self explanatory. She's paying tribute to either the Baphomet or directly to HaSatan or "the rainman" as they prefer calling him.

So I DID have this creepy goodbye video saved after all. It was simply hidden-away on this obscure and old FTP server of mine. I figured I would use this as a chance to re-post a lot of the early celebrity Cabal related material I had, back when I first started the Adrenogate handle in late March. Originally intended as simply a personal scrapbook/filing cabinet for alt. news related tweets and stories and it ended up matriculating into an active blog not long after. Late March through April was right about the time that Trump started rounding up these sick pedough celebs and began executing them on floating Naval barges(at least in Hanxs’ case). I call it the March Massacre or March Madness.

Feel free to use any of the MEMES and graphics for whatever you’d like.

The Truth of What’s Going on in Hollywood

Here’s Ricky Gervais delivering Hanx and others their death notices from Trump and Golden Dawn leader Ronan Farrow.

The Real Meaning Behind the Ricky Gervais Roast, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CadyGYWnqMU

TMZ Shilling HARD For Oprah
Tom Hanks & Madonna Have Arrest Warrants in California_ More predictions of the Q psyop coming true: (VIDEO)

I was such a nieve little Q’ster back then after having been captivated by the brilliantly composed documentary series “Fall of the Cabal”, and I wasn’t the only one. However, I knew it was important to make a conceded effort to not only carry out my prodding & discernment confided soley within the purview of the like-minded Conservative Qanon community echo chamber. By diversifying my sources, I ended up finding other voices outside of the Q-dimensional realm who quickly startled me out of my initial Q-euphoria and subsequently revealed to me what was really going down.

Unfortunately, I know that many don’t care about what’s actually happening, but are mostly out to reaffirm their own pre-existing biases and their sociopathic “humancentric” world view. For me however, that was not the point of this exercise to begin with. I wanted to know what was actually happening here. I wasn’t out to find friends and/or gain acceptance into a community of like-minded people(which Anons STILL mostly are for me), but to figure out what on earth was going on here.

It was “Christian Truthers” like “Probably Alexandra”, “e511 Ministries”, “Shaking my Head Productions”, “FaceLikeTheSun”, and “Rose Hannah” who were responsible for helping me up out of the “Fall of the Cabal” rutt I had lodged myself into and urged me to take a serious look at what they had concluded was a blatant & uber-malevolent esoteric agenda that Q(General Flynn & DOD military intelligence) had very cleverly embedded within the movement. An agenda that was unbeknownst to most, or simply disregarded by atheist know-it-alls who may have came across this evidence at some point but chose to ignore it. A choice that most were more than comfortable in making, stemming from a lifetime of societal spiritual discouragment, an inherent lack of faith, or, at the very least a lack of belief in the supernatural aspects of their faith and how this otherwordly paridigm relates to this concept and tangible existence of spiritual warfare. Once again, attributable to the overwhelming influences of so many secular asswipes in our society these days.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that nowadays most of the general population has set themselves up comfortably within the confines of today’s pretentious post-modern secular safe-space. This affords them the luxury of dismissing religious folk like me as sufferers of a kind of mental illness. They usually pay little attention to or grant any semblance of credibility towards concerns like the ones that were expressed to me in this esoterically-themed truther community. Even other supposed “Christians”, who claim to be Bible believing followers of God, will scoff and roll their eyes when I bring up these supernaturally-themed, Satan worshipping agendas of the elites and their continued deceptive & ultimately malevolent perogative.

Whether its by tricking one into abandoning the notion that God even exists in the first place, (or) by luke-warm Christians being persuaded into discounting the reality of ongoing spiritual warfare, (or) in Q’s case, duping an entire sect of Trumps base(Conservative minded “truthers”) into falling head over heels for a craftily deceptive and ultimately ill-intended PsyOp, they continue to mislead and deceive many into unwittingly following dark spiritual forces.

In short, they are able to mask much of the truth behind their intentions by using the prevailing influence of atheism or by taking advantage of the prevalence of so many luke-warm Christians. Allowing many Anons to comfortably assure themselves that such malevolent esoteric forces, and even God himself, doesn’t exist to begin with. They[these legion controlled elites] are certainly covering all bases and have clearly thought this out well in advance and are well aware of what kinds of thought processes are to be expected from the masses.

While I know that most Anons are professed believers in God, I can’t help but get the feeling that a lot of them don’t necessarily take their faith as seriously as they should. They publicly profess to be Christian & love Jesus(Isa/Immanuel), but their actual “practicing” of this faith is more analogous to one repeating the traditions & customs associated with their Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical upbringing. Essentially, they claim Christianity because they think they’re supposed to. This superficial Christian “faith” of theirs doesn’t seem to include the acknowledgement of and full-fledged implications of God as a tangible supernatural being. They don’t seem ready or able to accept the reality that these harrowing spiritual battles between the forces of good and evil rage on at this very moment and that perhaps the earthly forces out there who claim to be the representatives of the benevolent factions engaged in such spiritual warfare, may in fact be the very deceptive forces that the Bible warned us to be weary of. Using one’s own discernment and to set out to test and prove every-one & every-thing. A warning that specifically stated to watch out for these counterfit individuals and organizations who masquerade as representatives of God, when in fact they are nothing of the sort.

There’s no such thing as a quiet Christian

Steve Quayle

Have you ever heard Q talk about Jesus? I think they’ve dropped his name ONCE and it was only because his name happened to appear within the context of a Bible quote they were referencing. (And NO, quoting from the Bible does not prove anything. In fact, the practitioners of “Grey Magick” use that tactic all the time to entrap luke-warm Christians. I believe that Q is in-fact imploring a type of Grey Magick and casting it’s spells upon its followers along with the implementation & utilization of certain aspects of “Chaos Magick”. That’s how Kek came to be).

Remember, part of the deal is that they[these legion controlled humans] have to tell you their true agenda in some way or another(SEE: Codex Magicka). So the fact that Q’s wildly popular catchphrase, “Where we go one, we go all” is the literal mantra of Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels, that alone should be enough for Anons at the very least to be prudent and initiate the emergency braking system, take a step back, and give another, more probing look at QAnon(the military & St. Germaine), the history & background of Big T, and more specifically, how he fits into the long term agenda of the Anti-Christ and the occult organizations that are controlled by him[the Anti-Christ]. Specifically the groups known as, the “Golden Dawn” and “Order of the Phoenix”/”Phoenix Order”. (The Beast vs The Harlot).

By keeping the Anon community fixated on this “draining of the swamp”(which IS happening), while also giving them the feeling that they are privy to the secret ongoings of this unprecedented monumental societal reset, a reset that Anons have been given first row seats to witness this “axing of the evil” and the removal of the”old guard”(partially true), they are diverting attention away from their far reaching esoteric goals in what has been their long standing war against God. And also diverting attention away from the fact that Trump has done NOTHING to put a stop to the KoronahVirus FRAUD and the despicable ongoing occult ritual of transformation that inspired these outrageous and damaging(physically & psychologically) mask mandates and Orwellian, rights-eviscerating lock-down protocols.

So while it is a good thing that these evil fuckers are being snuffed out, it’s important to understand the “who”, the “why” and most importantly, the “why now”. Once you do, I am fairly confident you will come to a similar conclusion.

But that’s just my humble opinion. You must think for yourself. Far too many people approach me demanding immediate answers to a laundry list of questions they have and don’t seem willing to put in the work to look into these things on their own and do the reading and research required to discern on your own. They will often have the audacity to try refuting many of my views even after admitting that they really don’t know much about the topic to begin with, hence why they were demanding immediate answers to all their VERY general questions. I have detailed reasons and complex rationale behind my justifications for thinking the way I do. If I were only out to reaffirm my own inherent biases and inclinations then I never would have admitted to 99% if the things I have been forced to admit to and concede as truth.

I just went ahead and retrieved the best/most relevant parts of my past posts on the subject and threw it all together for you guys in one spot. 👇👇👇👇

Original YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/UUuWADh_s3A
THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED: Hanx, Ellen, Madonna, David Spade & many more panicked, desperately sending coded comms(VIDEO)
TOM HANKS EXPOSED! _ Isaac Kappy Said He Was A Pedophile: (VIDEO)
Tom Hanks Is Obsessed With Lost Gloves – Conan on TBS: (VIDEO)


It’s no secret that Hanx surely must have been snitching his ass off in return for letting his family live. It looks like they only granted that for his brother, as I’ve heard Rita was executed and Chet is scheduled to be

2020 March 31, 2020

Don’t worship Moloch kids. This is what happens. Ellen is preparing for her journey straight to hell. Same with Oprah & Jimmy Kimmel.

Noooooooo!! Ellen DeGeneres show to be canceled amid ‘Queen of Mean’ allegations? https://t.co/vncoVZqtkp— Liberal Larry 🍆 model, travel, fashion vlogger (@larrydaliberal) June 28, 2020

It’s appears their swift tribunals that we were promised are wrapping up and they know they’re fucked. Most of the videos we’ve seen of them were Beast-tech CGI. It was the perfect time for them to tryout the software on the people. A beta-testing phase that went terribly for them, it’s fakery easily discernable to certain eagle eyed YouTubers and graphics designers.

These are the lame excuses they give. All three of them were worthless Satanic Pedophiles who have done a huge service to humanity by getting themselves caught and allowing “us” to do our own version of a blood sacrifice for once and jam lethal injection solution into their shriveled, blackened veins.

Kimmel.. because of blackface
Oprah.. because of corona
Ellen.. because of QueenOfMean

Yah.. ok 🙂— HelpingSheeple (@HelpingSheeple) June 28, 2020



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