#QAnon, PedoWood/PedoGate

Here is what an average person would call a conspiracy | Anthony Weiner/Killary/Huma Abedin Laptop Scandal

Huma Abedin used to work on the same street, in the same building as I did on Madison Avenue. I would see her frantically walking back and forth on the cell phone in front of the building pretty much daily. She always looked stressed. She looks like a giant Iranian Reptilian. I LOVE Iranians BTW. Just not sure about her. She gave very clear and apparent non-human vibes, though she was admittedly friendly on the surface and used to smile at me when I would run into her on the escalator or in the turnstile to get into the building. I can only imagine the horror of working for a half-dead cannibalistic Hillarion entity while also juggling the duties of the wife to a unfaithful criminal Congressman who spends his time sexting 15 year olds and unintentionally leaking child snuff videos of his wife and boss that he had saved on his laptop. So I can understand the constant look of consternation that she always had. I cannot believe she stayed with Weiner after everything came out and supported him through his failed Mayoral bid. Though I would have much preferred Anthony Weiner over DeBlasio for Mayor. He would have done a much better job. Weiner was a decent member of Congress for a DemonRat.

Here is what an average person would call a conspiracy – watch video undiscovered truth.

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