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Khloe Kardashian: Synthetic Version 6.66. Looks Like Khloe K. ALSO Got Herself a Fancy New Synthetic Replacement Vessel

Looks like Khloe got herself a new synthetic replacement vessel. Much like Michael Jackson did apparently a well.

I would ask these celebrities how on earth they trust that the transference of consciousness actually works as advertised? I mean, how do they know that all these other celebrities who got these new meat suits aren’t just copies? They’d never be able to tell. The new synthetic would have the exact memories and mannerisms of the original. So everything would seem like it went smoothly. But how do they know that the original essence of the person didn’t end up in hell with Satan, as he intended, while the new synthetic version just looked and acted like the old? I think these elites are getting played big time. They are being lied to.

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