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I Love Anons, But HATE Qanon & Why You Should Too. Trump is an Occultist, Stop Lying to Yourself

*Since this original post I’ve done several more on this topic with updated insights. Check out my “Q is a PsyOp” category.

This post took forever. Don’t come at me with that weak ass shit after reading this unless you actually took the time to watch some of these videos. Don’t be one of those people. I’m convinced that most of the handles I’ve sparred with over this topic were bots or NPC’s anyway.

In case you’re new around here, before proceeding, you should probably catch yourself up with some of the below videos relating to what I perceive as a civil bloodline war that’s playing itself out between the two dominant Occult factions on this earth. The New World Order agenda-driven Globalist “Phoenix Order” vs. the anarchist minded “Golden Dawn”. Globalist swine like Ellen, Hanx, the British Royals make up the “Phoenix Order”. While the Aleister Crowley bred Golden Dawn members consist of Trump, JFK Jr., Ricky Gervais, Ronin Farrow(leader) and many hard hiding Chinese Masonic sects, just to name a few of their main players. The point is, they are ALL Occultists. There are no “white hats” people. You do not want to choose a side in this war. Vaccine-peddler Trump ain’t saving anyone.

ANONS & ME(sounds like a cheesy movie)

Let me be clear about my feelings on “Anons” vs. my feelings towards the Q PsyOp. If I were ever anointed as sovereign King of some new utopian, paradise-like society(I know, that would never happen. The utopia, or me ever being King of anything), I would put Anons at the top of the list for citizenship eligibility. I would characterize Anons as being at the tippity top of the “wokness” scale(the good kind of woke). They are extremely moderate and fair-minded with their evaluation of societal issues and righteous in their discourse engagement when dealing with demagogues while sparring in the midst of increasingly divisive political innuendo that we see raging within today’s social media landscape. They are clearly cognizant of the dire need for comprehensive reform of the current prevailing paridigm of Governance and the need to root out corruption and annihilate the subversive & seditious influence of Globalism.

In short, I think most Anons are firmly on the side of righteousness & fairness as it relates to just about every hot social & political topic that comes to mind. I myself started off as a foaming-at-the-mouth Anon after having first watched the “Fall of the Cabal” documentary series. Afterwhich I proceeded to go on an arrogant terror spree of will-imposition and DemonRat destruction soon afterterwards. A terror-campaign of anti-Globalist rhetoric that I’m not remorseful at all for having gone on.

And as far as their legitimacy, that is not in question. I’ve did an entire post on why Q is in fact very much real.

I constantly find myself jumping into the frey to defend Anons on the reg and am right there in the mix to put in my supporting view points relating to the downright despicable nature of these left-wing Deep State swamp monsters. Regularly gloating in the reckoning that Durham is about to serve up(hopefully) to the members of the Obama administration who conspired to sabotage the Trump campaign, his Presidency and even went as far as trying to assasinate Big T himself.

So in many ways I’ve never ceased being an Anon in spirit and continue to be sympathetic to their cause and full heartedly agree with them when it comes the need for drastic change and the destruction of the “old guard”. Reformation that Qanon has boldly and blissfully promised to be at the head of. So I get it. I can’t be mad at them and won’t be baited into engaging any of them who may decide to overreact to some of my posts and go off on me on Twitter. I’ll certainly defend myself, but I can’t blame them for coming to the defense of what they view as a wholey righteous and long sought after modus of much needed change. They could never be the source of my ire or the target of my frequent offensive-minded campaigns of twitter terror that are comprised of often over-the-top rants designed to humiliate and castigate libtards, Covidiots, Mask-Nazi Karen & Kens and the common useful-idiots of all genres who go around trying to impose their cringy will upon the rest of us. They don’t deserve that.

Most of the anti-Q people were always haters and only hated Anons and the movement because they were unhinged leftists who had always hated the orange man with all their blackened secular hearts. They were never right for immediately condemning Q. They hate Anons because they hate Conservatives and therfore hated Q for all the wrong reasons. The origins of my anti-Q stance do are of a completely different nature. In fact, I consider Anons off-limits as far as candidates for all out skewer session where I often go all out and destroy certain handles on Twitter for a variety of reasons. That’s saved mostly for atheists & leftists.

All far as my overall institutional ire for Q, that all stems from the Gnostic-minded Occult-educated leadership at the very tippity top of the power structure within the D.O.D. & Trump administration who have terrified me into going full-blown dissenter on the Qanon movement. Forcing me to begrudgingly, but valiantly invalidate any semblance of trustworthiness I once had for them and to openly question the ultimate endgame motives of this very clever, obviously long planned out, and clearly effective PsyOp(Though you should never fully trust anyone/anything anyway. Only God).

This seething distrust that I now have for Q does not mean that I think they are lying about most of their claims. That’s a popular anti-Q rationale and not one I agree with in the slightest. Q certainly is NOT some kind of a L.A.R.P. or unintended result of a wildly successful hoax. Not even close. I wouldn’t be as worried about the situation if I thought thats what was going on here. I’d just flick them to the side and put them at the back of my mind.

Its their unquestionably legitimate & very real role as the true representatives of the D.O.D. arm of the Trump administration and obvious obedience to the long term esoteric agenda & far reaching perogatives of the Occult-centric & secular transhumanist forces in this world that has scared me into putting so much effort into openly painting this whole situation as the harrowing and terrifying prospect that I am convinced it is. A prospect that should be worrying many more people than it actually is, especially for those who claim to be true followers of scripture and authentic Christians, Muslims or Jews who believe in the one true creator God and are educated on the inevitable arrival of the Dajjal Anti-Christ figure.

I’ve lost many once close friends within this community who now refuse to speak to me for taking the stand that I have. So I don’t take any of this lightly. While for the most part I am immune to taking offense to anything or caring about how others may think of me, inevitably there are/were a few who I did care about how I made them feel and wish I hadn’t lost touch with. There is always a cost. Especially when you decide to go as far out on a limb as I have in defense of my beliefs. But nothing will stop me from continuing to be brutally honest with my assessments.

Hillary Snuff, Ellen Degenerate, Madonna_ – QuarantineLife- QuarantineComms: (VIDEO) 👇

And yes, all those celebrity arrests, Jeff Sessions-overseen military tribunals and subsequent executions of these Globalist allegient elites ARE in fact very much being carried out behind the scenes. The narrative about these Satanic pedophile celebrities and politicians is unfortunately VERY REAL. This, I will openly concede. I’ve blogged about it relentlessly and nothing has changed my stance relating to the reality of that recently widely exposed paradigm.

Additionally, this “Great Awakening” and the ongoing speculation about this “RV: revaluation” and the release of all those St. Germaine trillions, wiping out our monstrous deficit and blessing each American with a freshly stocked bank account, is also very real. This may very well include the imminent unveiling of all sorts of once hidden technologies and ground breaking medical procedures & pharmaceuticals. Though I would stay far far far away from those MedBeds they keep talking about. Those things are designed to do the exact same thing as the current Covaids vaccines are designed to. Which is to transform you into a mindless, soulless Zombie or a corpse. Both are acceptable outcomes as far as the EL-ites are concerned.

All of this NESARA crap does seem to be a very real prospect and could be right around the corner. These are all on the surface very positive & life-changing reformations and and potential unveilings. But there seems to be a built-in price to this looming “Golden Age” that not many seem to realize or want to acknowledge. Nothing is ever “free” in life. So this “Awakening” will also carry some kind of inherent price. A price that’s been cleverly hidden to most and is central to their grand deceptive ploy. A hidden great deception. “The Great Deception”. A concept that us Bible believers should be well aware of and fearful of.


It’s this seeming great deceptive ploy that these Occult forces appear to be in the process of preparing and setting into motion, using PsyOps that revolve around the wildly charismatic and popular Mr. Donald J. Trump(and possibly JFK Jr. soon), that has me so adimately publicizing what I believe to be Q’s true intentions and to call out the Anti-Christ legion spirits that seem to be behind all the main players in this grand deception. These are the undead Pharohs, Annunaki, Nephilim demigods(little “g”) that we have read about. A combination of the Fallen Angels and the disembodied spirits of their hybrid offspring who have infiltrated all earthly leadership roles and are behind ALL of this. These ancient demonic forces pull all the strings and fully control all the leadership roles of the political and military factions that currently hold most of the power(earthly and esoteric).

We saw how all these world leaders eagerly cower in submission to Trump(accompanied with the Saudi Prince) while out on his world tour of obedience solicitation. These leaders pledged their loyalty to HaSatan long ago in exchange for their soul and owe everything they have to this arrangement between the devil and his army of Fallen Angel legion spirits. When he(HaSatan) comes to you in his synthetic legion-possesed form(Big T), you fearfully and obediently submit and do as your told. In addition to the ownership of their souls, plenty of blackmail material was prepared beforehand, giving them everything they needed to ensure compliance from anyone who might first resist. This explains all the recent revelations relating to the rampant practice of pedophilia and Adrenochrome harvesting within these elite circles. Its no coincidence that most of the celebrity arrests have been direct rivals to Big T’s Golden Dawn fraternal order.

Deep dive into the occult Golden Dawn Trump vs Hollywood: (VIDEO)👇

The Real Meaning Behind Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Routine: (VIDEO)👇

So I come out with guns blazing on this topic because I want to at least try to warn as many people as I can who are willing to listen. Equipping you with some level of awareness to this cleverly disguised ruse that is Qanon, the global “Great Awakening” and the supposed “eradication of evil”. Lots of evil people are in fact going down. That’s part of the ploy. The Bible even warned that this is exactly what would happen. These dark earthy forces who have ruled for so long would turn on each other and devour one and other(“the Beast” devouring “the Harlot”)in the time leading up to culmination of these End Times scenarios and the eventual triumphant return of the Messiah(Jesus/Isa/Immanuel), alongside the Mahdi(a descendant of Moses) to take on and destroy the Anti-Christ and his army. Nothing can stop that. I simply want to help you to avoid falling for the very effective deceptive ploy that I believe the Anti-Christ has set in motion. A deception that we were very explicitly forewarned of.

While many of you may disagree with my assessment here, I hope you can at least appreciate where I am coming from and respect the purity of my intentions here. I’m not trying to sabotage any movement or faction for political purposes. I’m trying to save your asses. If you can’t appreciate that and still hate me for this, maybe I was wrong about the nature of most Anons and you can go fuck right off and willinging throw your soul into the Abyss for all I care. But I have a feeling that most of you can appreciate where I’m coming from and the nature of my concerns and won’t hold it against me or take it personally. I certainly haven’t taken any of the blowback that I have received for this personally on my end.

I HATE that this long anticipated Anti-Christ figure & Great Deception has seemingly presented themselves as Big T & Qanon respectively. It fucking SUCKS. I was SO psyched when he took out Killary and promised all this positive and much needed change. I’m almost grateful to the Occultists who were responsible for casting the Chaos Magick spells on Killary and summoned Kek to finish her off. Keeping her and John Rothschild Podesta far away from the Oval Office. Admittedly, a Killary Presidency wouldn’t have changed or thwarted any of the plans of the Anti-Christ, but it would have meant a much crappier existence for the rest of us in the time leading up to these inevitable “End of Days”. I compare a DemonRat controlled White House to a G.O.P. controlled White House as being analogous to execution via lethal injection vs electrocution. They’ll both kill you in the end, one is just much more uncomfortable and messy as it’s being carried out. The Anti-Christ was never going to be stopped no matter what had happened.

So while I am grateful for much of Big T has done in keeping these savage Globalist away from the executive branch of the White House, during that same time his actions as President have also very clearly exposed him as being an avatar for the Anti-Christ legion spirit and a purveyors of its long term agenda. He’s not hiding it from those who know what to look for.

I’m not saying that Trump IS the Anti-Christ, because that would be a fallacy of logic to say so. No one person is or ever was the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is an omnipresent legion spirit. In the book of Enoch, after being cast out of Heaven once and for all by God & Archangel Michael, these Fallen Ones recited an oath to one another. The oath: “Where we go one, we go all” were the words they spoke together as one. Where have we heard that before?

Take a moment to go see for yourself and gather your thoughts.

These words not only give verification as to the omnipresence of this Anti-Christ legion spirit force, but they also expose Q’s true malevolent esoteric agenda. What else do you need to see?

ALL past and Presidents have been under the control of this legion spirit. HaSatan is the “Hidden Hand”.

It’s not called “The GREAT Deception” because it will end up culminating itself as this easily identifiable and blatantly obvious deceptive ploy. It’s “great” because it’s going to be so cunning and subversive that it ends up tricking just about everyone. Including most most Christians. So I understand why I am getting the blowback I am, but “it is what it is” and I am not going to lie to myself or to any of you about what I see taking place right in front of us all.(UPDATE: I no longer am able to understand how more people have not caught on to this by now[2-14-22])

I am not trying to assert that I am privy to the totality of what’s going on here. Nobody is, and anybody who claims to be is full-of-it. There are surely aspects of this situation that I am misjudging and have flat out missed. I can only attempt to best explain and interpret what I’ve seen transpire and learned about thus far. My positions are fluid out of necessity and I will continue to remain open-minded. But I’m pretty darn sure about the crux of my analysis and wish that more people were willing to set aside their inherent biases and possible secular arrogance and take a closer look at what I’m desperately trying to show you is really going on here.

Trump is an occultist, just like the rest of them. Are you really naive enough to believe that this one new President who you think is an “outsider” could possibly take on and destroy an entire planet full of Satanist overlords? Did you really think that the ruling class had that loose of a grip on power after having dominated all earthly matters in this planet for so long? Stop it. Stop lying to yourself. Only powerful Occultists(and God) can take out other powerful Occultists. The Qanon narrative is too good to be true. It always has been. But that’s not why I feel the way I do. The boatloads of evidence in all these videos that I’ve embedded in this post that most of you won’t even watch is why I feel this way. Don’t cheat yourself of the truth and continue to lie to yourself. It’s going to cost you. I’m well aware that only a very very small percentage of Anons who read this will snap out of it. But a few will, and that makes all the time I spent on this worthwhile. Even if just 1 person snaps out of their Q daze. It was worth it.

Age of Deceit – Fallen Angels and the New World Order (VIDEO)👇

Age of Deceit 2- Rise of the Beast(VIDEO)👇

Thanks everyone. Thanks for putting up with me if you made it this far. I love you all. Everyone on earth. With the exception of Leftists, Atheists, ANTIFA, Communists, Socialists, Darwinists, Transhumanists, Occultists, Satanists, Abortionists, Progressives, Post-Modern secular granola-breathed college professors, DemonRats, fans of K-pop, fans of David Dobrick, anyone who wears their mask in the car, or wears a mask period, anyone who still thinks we went to the Moon, anyone who considers Sandy Hook to have been an authentic school shooting and/or believes the official 9/11 narrative AND anyone who still believes anything they hear on the mainstream news.

But EVERYONE else, I love ya’ll.

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