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They Will NEVER Stop Pushing the Scamdemic. They Will NEVER Let-up With the Mask-Mandates. They Will NEVER Honestly Report/Interpret the Stats. This is a Ritual. You Mean NOTHING to Them


“…[sic] on the backdrop of what is, the KoronahVirus[new-normal”. KORONAHVIRUS…, KORONAHVIRUS…., KORONAHVIRUS…., KORONAHVIRUS. It’s they’re practically chanting it, they repeat the damn word so much. How can you not be disturbed by, or at least alarmed by the behavior of the press?

You must have realized by now that they are NEVER going to allow their fraudulent Coronavirus narrative to go away and allow you to resume a normal life? They don’t do transformation rituals just for sport or practice. They mean this shit.

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All these “new normals” are a part of a sick ritual being carried out and continuously fueled by our very own lovely Government officials and law enforcement agencies as they relentlessly push these nonsensical and wholly unnecessary mask mandates that they will never ever ever stop trying to force upon us. Not so long as they continue to receive so much support from the stunningly unintelligent, uninformed and straight-up brain dead & bewilderingly obedient public. This outrageous “new normal” is being accepted by a huge chunk of the population despite statistics that show its not even as dangerous as the common flu. Statistics that they have been caught meddling with time and time again.

These particular people flat out just don’t care and will literally put their hands over their ears when I try to explain to them and show them the reality and implications of these very revealing statistics. I’m not kidding. I have a particular family member who has done that multiple times when I have gone to visit. I plead with her to please just take a moment to look at the damn facts. She’s simply not interested in hearing anything that didn’t come from straight from Mika Brzezinski or her murdering husband. Its really shocking. I have come to look at the over-the-top derangement & delusional position of this being a legitimate public health threat that this particular family member has as a way of God testing me. I believe he is putting me through this as an exercise in order to equip me with the patience and tools necessary to then go out and successfully convince others of what I am unable to convince her of. I have been desperately pleading with, and in many cases succeeding in helping others to snap-out of their propaganda/TDS-induced haze that creates these very powerful blockades & overpowering cognitive dissonance that prevents them from seeing things rationally and how they truly are.

Original YouTube URL: https://youtu.be/tqqwTgk8ri0

The power of the unadulterated hatred for the orange man should never be underestimated. Trump Derangement is a fascinating phenomenon on its own. The number of people able to blindly hate a man that intensely, for reasons that even they themselves are unable to articulate when challenged and asked to explain why, or simply because they were told to by their liberal heros, is as perplexing & bewildering as it is fascinating. Its incredible how many people will tell me to “Google it” when I ask them why Trump is such a piece of shit. You’d think something like that would be a the tip of their tongue at all times. Not buried within their cloudy, confused, subliminally programmed psyche of leftist hatred & the constant self-serving reinforcement of their opinions that their brains seem to play on repeat. Continuously re-asserting to themselves the infinite righteousness of all their positions.

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Your own personal social disorders and blinding hate for a politician is not my problem. You’re not going to blackmail me into going along with these CoronaCon protocols and outrageous mask mandates because you happen to hate an orange-painted billionaire politician and don’t like the way he trounced and humiliated your infinitely evil choice for President in Killary Rodham(Hillarion) Clinton.

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If another person tries approaching me out in public and proceeds to attempt to hand me a mask while standing there like a jackass, as if they’ll leave once I’ve put it on, I swear I’ll wipe my ass with the thing right there in front of you. How’s that for a ritual? The last lady who tried that mask shit with me left Walgreens in tears. Yet I still wasn’t quite satisfied and am ready to take it even further than simply bringing them to tears the next time a mask-Karen/Ken makes the mistake of trying me. I don’t play that shit. I’m not trying to be hard. I’m just sick of it.

I WILL NOT bow down and cower to the demands of these deranged lunatics who have been brainwashed by modern day Occultists and radical leftists who masquerade as public officials claiming to “serve the greater” good, and even took an oath pledging to do so. Yes, “SERVE THE GREATER GOOD“. Not misuse the term as yet another despicable tactic used to fool people into unwittingly participating in an occult transformation ritual and attempt to establish an Orwellian and unnecessary new societal norm. All this while also proving to their father HaSatan that they can make us do literally anything they tell us to. All they need to do is whip up an assinine reason and then have the man or woman on the television screen tell them that they had better listen up to what they’re saying and comply without hesitation or question. You’d be putting others in danger they claim. And Waa-la. Just like that. They immediately get the compliance they were looking for. On queue. Like Shamu jumping out of this tank and doing a backflip for his trainer at Sea World. They can get the brain dead public to do AN….Y…. THING.

Including worshipping the damn “the rainman”(HaSatan) himself. Whether they know it or not.


I don’t like calling people retards, so stop acting like them and I won’t have to do it.

If your still buying this crap about Koughvid being a bona-fide public health threat, you’re either in-on the scam, OR are so nuerologically damaged that your primary care physician has an obligation to uphold their Hippocratic oath and see that you are administered an emergency Psychiatric evaluation so that you can be properly diagnosed and officially institutionally recognized as the full-blown raging fucking retard that you are. This way your family can arrange to have you placed into a special-ed program or group home that can give you the help you need and keep you away from the rest of the population unless accompanied by a shaperone. You have no business being allowed to freely roam about in public and mingle-with/terrorize the rest of society without constant adult supervision. Someone there to accompany you at all times to stop you from being the liability that you are when you inevitably run into normal members of society.

If you think this is offensive, you should see how I handle the mask-Nazis who dare to say anything to me out in public.

We are at that point people. That wasn’t really even a joke. I’m not smiling. I used to be a camp counselor for mentally disabled kids. The Down Syndrome kids were absolutely charming and delightful. An absolute jolly bundle of joy those kids were and I would have eagerly jumped in front of a bus for any one of them. An act I can’t say I’d see myself repeating in order to save any of the sufferers of this Koughvidiocy syndrome. These fucking sheepletards suffer from what is the most off-putting, anti-social, disturbing, narcistic, zombie-like disorder/syndrome I’ve ever seen manifest itself in human beings. Something needs to be done to get these people out of the general population A.S.A.P. because they’re an absolute fucking nightmare and I, along with many others, openly and privately, have long passed our breaking points and have had more than enough of their bullshit. Being forced to sit back idly(not all) and watch what they’ve been doing to our collective societal being and cultural norm is torturous. Especially having to watch these poor kids being forced to wear a hot uncomfortable and unsanitary rag over their faces at all times. It’s cruel and demeaning and the negative effects in the form of physical and psychological damage have already started to materialize.

I honestly can’t say what I might do next. When I encounter these people in public it’s as if loud circus music starts playing in my head and I become so enraged that it takes me a moment or two to gather myself before proceeding to unload my usual catastrophic barrage of facts and rationale that sends most of them quickly packing, trembling with their tails between their legs, red-faced and eager to get out of there as quickly as possible.

But I might not be able to be as calm and collected with my responses for too much longer. You should see the number of people who come up to me afterwards and adimately thank me for saying what they’ve wanted to for a long time.

I just don’t give a fuck and will take-on anyone when it comes to this shit. I’m like 200 and 0. Undefeated. Not a single fucking individual or institution(private, not counting State or Federal buildings) has succeeded yet in getting me to wear a mask in whatever establishment I’m in. Nobody has so much as attempted a single follow-up confrontation-effort after having seen what happened to the first challenger. Not once. It’s not that I’m that much of a super-badass when it comes to all/any genre of discourse or topic. I just happen to have a boatload of facts and logic on my side in this particular case. It’s a joke how easy it is. Anyone can do it armed with the same facts and indisputable rationale.

Walking around, asserting your right to impose your cringy, thoughtless will on the rest of humanity in the name of an embarrassingly obvious fraud of a narrative is not a good look. Even the CDC’s very own made-up, wildly inflated statistics reveal the extent to which the threat of infection or sickness has been exaggerated and mischaracterized by the mainstream powers-at-be. That alone should be enough to show them how crazy they are being. Yet it doesn’t matter at all to them. Not even a little.

Masks induce infection you useless dumb dumb dummies! They don’t prevent the spread or risk of infection of a damn thing.

Goodness gracious great balls of retard.

I’m going to have to start acting out against every single one of you KoronaCon peddlers in ways that will make you wish you had heeded my advice long ago and simply knocked it off. I don’t care how much you hate the orange man. This isn’t political!

This is your last warning. Scrap that. Warnings are over with.

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