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So good ol’ Hanx. Good thing for him that he’s dead so he doesn’t have to witness his name and legacy being obliterated and defiled the way it has been. I’m certainly going to continue to do my part to lend my own contributions to this ongoing annihilation of his long-standing cheesy legacy & widely accepted characterization as “America’s Dad” and “everyone’s favorite actor”. He’s “America’s most prolific Pedophile-Occultist”, and that’s just the way it is. Deal with it.

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Tom Hanks Accused of Buying 13 Year Old Girl From Her Father and Raped Her — Actor Isaac Kappy Recently Called Him A Pedophile

By. Eddie

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft has come forward and announced that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years and raped by Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

“This is me at 13, the age I was when Tom hanks purchased me from my father for sex as a dissociated #mindcontrol doll. I wonder how much he paid? I wonder how much $$$ my father made for breaking my mind & selling my child body throughout my life. Will I ever get to know?” — Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

“The number one problem in Hollywood is, and has always been – pedophilia!” Corey Feldman correctly stated.

What a shame Corey didn’t just name names when he had all the cameras on him, like we all have. Naming names is the only way victims are going to expose the CIA child trafficking operation behind 99% of child kidnapping and child sex trafficking.

Perverted predator Harvey Weinstein is being scapegoated to cover for the truth about Hollywood – famous male AND FEMALE pedophile actors and producers who like to rape kids.

Head Hollywood Luciferian MERYL STREEP is of one them! She prefers to have sex with 14 year old girls at specially organized Hollywood pedophile parties.

That’s why Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks get on so well post-Harvey Weinstein and the #sheknew scandal, why Meryl Streep supported convicted pedophile anal rapist [Roman Polanski] of a 13 year old drugged girl at Jack Nicholson’s house, and why she called Weinstein “God” during an acceptance speech.

Like Aussie actor Anthony LaPaglia said, anyone who has been in Hollywood for 5 years or more knew about Harvey Weinstein. Meryl Streep lied.

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep teamed up with another Hollywood pedophile – Steven Spielberg, to make a sh*te film together.

Spielberg has been raping kids for decades, along with his pedo buddy George Lucas – whom the entire cast of Star Wars had to have sex with in order to get their parts. Carrie Fischer said she had to sleep with George Lucas to get the part of Leia – and mysteriously died weeks later.

Hollywood Pedophile Rapists – all three of them!

Alexander: Actor Isaac Kappy has also accused Tom Hanks of being a pedophile, as well as Steven Spielberg:

Steven Spielberg is a pedophile, yup, see how easy that was Corey, and I didn’t need 10 million dollars, I just said it… When you’re talking about really elite levels, the name of the game is blackmail, so, they want something on you that they can hold over your held so they can basically own you and tell you what to do… And they film it… and then, they own you. So, that’s what runs the whole system basically, they want compromised people because they’re easy to control.

“And a lot of people, they’ll go along with it and do whatever just for fame and money…Some people are just like, really into the evil shit… Tom Hanks is a pedophile… It’s time that this comes out into the open because we are going to change the way everything works, because at the top levels, these people are just sick and psycho.

“The higher you go the more sick it gets… This is what really hurts about the situation, because a lot of people are kind of born into this, they grow up in it, they’re abused and through the abuse especially as a child you can break someones subconscious mind, if you’re not aware of any of this stuff, look into MK Ultra.” – actor Isaac Kappy

I know Australian victim of CIA child sex trafficking Dean Henry was prostituted to Hollywood parties from Australia – just like me. I was sex trafficked to a Hollywood party at age 14 years.

Article by Fiona Barnett, victim of the “elite” pedophile ring .

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Accused of Child Rape by Isaac Kappy

July 30, 2018Baxter Dmitry13 Comments

Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy has gone on record on Periscope accusing Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks of sexual crimes against children. 

Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy has gone on record on Periscope accusing Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks of sexual crimes against children. 

Describing pedophilia as “the Hollywood sickness“, Kappy says, “At the top level, these people are just sick and psycho. This is what’s sad about this. A lot of people are born into it,” he said, describing a broad Hollywood culture of abuse against children.

Isaac Kappy, a Hollywood insider known for his appearances in Thor (2011), Fanboys (2009) and Terminator Salvation (2009), among other roles, took to YouTube to open up about the Hollywood sickness, naming and shaming various A-list stars and industry names.

Unleashing a train of thought, stream of consciousness dialogue on the live streaming platform, Kappy skipped from celebrity to celebrity, including A-list names including Tom Hanks, Michael Jackson, and Steven Spielberg, claiming they will all be remembered by future generations as notorious abusers on par with Jimmy Savile, the notorious elite British child abuser.”

The claims against Tom Hanks come just one week after Sarah Ruth Ashcraft announced that she was sold for sex by her father at age 13 years and raped by Hollywood star Tom Hanks.


Kappy also accused senior Hollywood elites of indulging in “cannibalism”, and says the elite Rothschild banking family are connoisseurs of human flesh.

Pedophilia and cannibalism has also pervaded the mainstream news media, according to Kappy. Mark Thompson, “who runs the New York Times,” and “ran the BBC for years” is involved in these dark practices and is complicit in covering up the crimes of high-level abusers in the entertainment industry.

Kappy says he first became aware of the dark side of Hollywood after realizing he was “in the middle of some crazy f*cking shit” as a pre-teen in Los Angeles.

“The situation had to punch me in the face before I realized I was in the middle of some crazy f*cking shit,” says Kappy, who suggests — but does not outright claim — that he had inappropriate relations with Spielberg as a child.

Kappy also challenged Spielberg to sue him. According to Kappy, he knows so many of Spielberg’s secrets he would destroy the veteran director in court during the discovery phase.

“Let’s do discovery,” Kappy said, in a direct challenge to the veteran director.

Allegations against Spielberg of this nature are not new. Crispin Glover, who played Marty McFly’s father George McFly in “Back to the Future,” appeared to accuse Spielberg of pedophilia in a 2013 essay. An excerpt:

Does Steven Spielberg focus much of his fantasy life on young people? Did he portray children wallowing in sewers filled with fecal matter in Schindler’s List? Did he use children to finger paint an adult in Hook? Does he collect the illustrations of Norman Rockwell, such as the one showing a young boy in his underwear examined by a doctor?

Do Michael Jackson and Steven Spielberg share similar opinions about the sexuality of young boys?”

Steven Spielberg is considered one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era and one of the most popular directors and producers in Hollywood history. Allegations of pedophilia against him, if proven, would be explosive, and would make the Weinstein scandal look like small potatoes in comparison.

Whether or not the allegations contained in Isaac Kappy’s 48 minute livestream are verifiable or not, one thing can be said for certain: the Hollywood elite will make sure Isaac Kappy will never work in this town again.

UPDATE: Isaac Kappy died in May 2019 with mainstream media reports saying he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Arizona. Before his death, an Instagram message captioned, “Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect,” was posted to his account.

A scandal as old as civilization… The world’s ruling class is feeding on the innocence of children. It has been known by many names… PEDOGATE, PIZZAGATE, PEDOWOOD, even WATERGATE. Powerful people are implicated: the Clintons, the Podestas, the Windsors (British Royal Family)… to name but a few.

Now we point your attention to Tom Hanks. This beloved actor and comedian reportedly has connections to Jeffrey Epstein and has even had claims made against him that he “purchased” a girl “for sex” from her father. Hanks’ Instagram posts led researchers to a huge scandal that could possibly include selling children as overpriced items on their site.

UPDATE: There are rumors that Tom Hanks was listed in Jefferey Epstein’s flight manifest. We could not find any evidence to verify these claims. Any information you would like to provide can be sent to us via this form.

Why did Tom Hanks post an image that contained a child porn code for pedophiles?

A code to unlock child pornography in search engines… You read that right.Posted to Tom Hanks’ Instagram

Tom Hanks’ post on Instagram actually led investigators to find a code that unlocks child pornography on the Yandex search engine. The documentary posted here shows search results for “SRC USA”.

We investigated and found that Yandex has removed the inappropriate content that was displayed when one enters “SRC USA”. But if you search for “SRCUSA” ,”SRCGIRL”, “SRCBOY” and “SRCKIDS” without the space you will find that the same results from this video can still be found. It’s odd that Yandex is refusing to fix this issue. It’s almost as if it’s being done on purpose.

Then came Wayfair

When people started hearing about this code, some claimed to have used it to find pictures of missing children who were connected to overpriced items on; products that seemed to be named after them. Oddly, these missing children had very unique names in most instances.

These researchers alleged that if one combines the SKU number from the overpriced items on Wayfair with “SRCUSA” or “USSRC” (example “SRCUSA Z76568”) pictures of the missing children would pop up in the results. This led to a theory that children were being sold through and trafficked to pedophiles.

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We tried to recreate the results that the creators of the Wayfair theory said they found but could not. When you combine the code “SRCUSA” with the SKU number for the overpriced products from Wayfair nothing came up but pictures of American Flags and a couple of other patriotic products. We also tried with “USSRC”; as some people reported that this code also worked to link Wayfair products to explicit images of the missing children or even normal photos of those children..

Although we could not find evidence of this connection we don’t discount the possibility that Yandex took measures to change their results after the Wayfair scandal went viral on social media. When we investigated we did find overpriced items that shared the names of missing children. However, some of the alleged products going around the internet in viral photos, such as the “Zodiac Pillows” for $15,000 could not be found on the site.

Interestingly, this all spawned from a post on Tom Hanks’ Instagram. Watch this documentary below to see how the Wayfair scandal was discovered…

UPDATE 2: July 27th, 2020 – Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have just obtained citizenship in Greece. The Greek government considers pedophilia a “disability”.

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Is Tom Hanks a Pedophile? PEDOGATE 2020, Part 2

Transcript Provided for Hearing Impaired


  • Do not search for the terms discussed in this video on Yandex or elsewhere as you could be committing a crime.
    The findings have been reported to authorities and the research supervised by legal counsel. No illegal imagery is shown. Do not contact or harass anyone mentioned. After thinking for a while on how to best disseminate the information I’ve received, I’ve settled on dropping this particular discovery in its own shorter video.

Tom Hanks

  • The problem now is that people now know that I am interested in lost glove photos…


PEDOGATE – The People Who Rule, Ritualistic Pedophilia & Child Sacrifice

Article continues below…


  • And the rest of the leads and new testimonies will be in part 3…

Unknown Speaker

  • And then they made each little boy in 10 come up and stab him…


  • I’m doing this because I consider this finding a bit more time sensitive, and I’ve already received the veiled threats and attempts to hack my social media. I knew I might receive some trolls when giving out an email and asking for information; which on one hand has proven remarkably useful…. But I wasn’t prepared for how sophisticated some of these phishing attempts would be. While some are, of course, benign spam attempts that we all get, others seem designed solely to intimidate. Like trying to reset my Twitter password or calling my phone but not saying anything. Among the threats I’ve received was this one… Quote: “You have no idea what you are getting into here or what kind of danger you are in. Think enemy of the state meets arrival. Stay far away from… and then it shows my location.

[shows location omitted for security of narrator]


  • Let’s assume for a second that this person is not a troll and they really do know something I don’t. Well then what is it exactly I’m getting into here? What is it that I’m in danger of?

Police Whistleblower John Wedger

  • I’m looking into it… It appeared that this girl was one of many.


  • A former Scotland Yard detective, John wetter, was part of a small team investigating sex abuse allegations in London.

Police Whistleblower John Wedger

  • We had dozens of young kids aging from nine to 14 years old.


  • But when Officer Wedger “dug too deep” he was given a similar warning.

John Wedger

  • I was brought before someone who is now a very very high ranked officer in the UK… indeed. And he said: “You will be thrown to the wolves. You have no idea who and what you are dealing with.” He said: “I’m warning you now, you must back away.”


  • Although it can be disconcerting and at times I do wonder if what I’m doing here is even worth it. As of now I have no intention of stopping. Now the new information you’re about to see ostensibly involves Tom Hanks.

[shows a picture of a glove on the ground in front of a truck]

Tom Hanks

  • First of all, it looks like an ad for Chevy…


  • Whether or not Hanks is aware of any of this remains to be seen. Nonetheless, some of the images he’s posted to his social media are not only relevant to the findings… it’s how they were discovered. The person who provided this tip wishes to remain anonymous. Under the alias of VERITAS FATEOR. But why Tom Hanks? An actor I’ve loved since I was a kid. A man whose films are consistently inspirational, influential, and iconic. This is true. But it’s also true that recently a new range of theories have begun to emerge showing a different side to the Hollywood actor. Many of the claims are unfounded and nonsensical. I’m not saying they’re all bullshit… But as I did with part one; no theories will be given. Just information and context. So one reason some have recently changed their perspective of Hanks surrounds the testimony of a former Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy.

Isaac Kappy

  • Oh, I’m not gonna talk about Tom Hanks either… Who is also a pedophile. Tom Hanks, folks, is a pedophile. Sorry to… I’m sorry if this is uh kind of burstin’ your bubble. All this information is new…


  • Isaac claimed that within hollywood a high society is involved in child trafficking.

Isaac Kappy

  • Yea, f*ckin’ Tom Hanks…. is a pedophile. Called out, no response.


  • Information he claimed was privy to because of his time spent among Hollywood’s gentility.

Isaac Kappy in “Terminator Salvation (2009)”

  • I’m in their source code. these people are being taken up north to San Francisco some sort of R&D project for a new Terminator…

Isaac Kappy talking about Tom Hanks

  • And this… make no mistake, this is a cult. There is a widespread cult that is worldwide. And by the way, the proof is in the fucking pudding. If I’m lying, sue me. Sue me. Great. Let’s go to court. Let’s have discovery.


  • As Kappy’s following grew, he took measures to ensure his safety; one of which he alleged included a “dead man’s switch”.

Isaac Kappy

  • What does that do? It means they can’t kill me… which is good, because I like to stay alive. A deadman’s switch is uh basically, it’s like: if you die then like stuff happens, okay? Like information goes out. They can try to kill me… You know. Good luck with that!


  • Many expected Kappy to continue expanding upon his testimony. Instead he uploaded one of his final videos.

Isaac Kappy

  • My anger at these people. These people… my anger consumed me. Did I lie about Seth Green? No, Seth Green is a pedophile. Am I afraid of something? Well I should be, because bad things are coming my way.


  • Three days later Kappy was found dead in what local authorities assert was a “suicide”. It’s worth noting that Kappy was asked here if he currently felt suicidal.

Isaac Kappy

  • I’m not suicidal. I’m not suicidal.


  • Purportedly Kappy jumped from that bridge and was hit by a truck. Soon after a controversial video began making its rounds on the Internet.

[Cuts to video of scantily dressed little girls aged approximately 4-7 working in a temple of some sort]
[Cuts to a brief movie clip from “Hearts of Desire (2007)”.][Music]


  • A woman named Sarah Ruth Ashcraft accused Tom Hanks of purchasing her from her father for sex. She claims to have been abused most of her childhood.

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

  • I depersonalized a lot of this because it’s really ugly, tough stuff… I’m glad something’s being done because… Because nobody should have look back on their childhood memories and realize the things that they thought were just meaningless and innocent are anything but that. Nobody should have to discover these things about their own life.

Conan O’Brien

  • I noticed you have this obsession… obsession on Instagram with lost gloves.

Tom Hanks

  • Well it’s lost objects. But it started with lost gloves and I uh…. Well first of all there’s a story behind them all. What happened, what happened to its mate? How did this little glove get lost? Is someone going to keep the other glove at home on the off-chance that they’re gonna pair it up? It’s, it’s a little bit of a Romeo and Juliet kind of quality to it.

Conan O’Brien

  • There’s a, your saying there’s a little bit of a hint of sadness to these. It’s like it’s telling you a tale but you don’t know what the tale is.

Tom Hanks

  • They’re all bitter-sweet city adventures.

Conan O’Brien

  • Let’s take a look at some of these. I want to put this up. This is one you took and uh… Tell me, what’s going on here? Why does this, what makes this so evocative to you?

Tom Hanks

  • Well first of all, I don’t touch them. I just see them and I photograph them. So I have nev..

Conan O’Brien

  • You don’t want your DNA on them.

Tom Hanks

  • Well yeah, it could be a crime scene. Let’s not give the cops a break.

[Picture shown from Tom Hanks’ Instagram shows a glove with SRC USA written on the ground next to it]


  • Notice that in this image we see another glove. But this time we also see letters. Look closely and spell them out for yourself. What does the top row spell? “SRC”. What does the bottom row spell? “USA”. Here’s what happens when you run a search for “SRCUSA” on DuckDuckGo. It shows nothing out of the ordinary. The same goes for the Images tab. And the same also goes for google. In the trailer update video I uploaded prior, I provided tips for independent researchers to use among those was to utilize multiple search engines including the Russian search engine Yandex. It’s important to understand that, just like Google or Bing, Yandex does not show child pornography and is not to be confused with a dark web search engine; many of which lead to an array of CP no matter what you type in. In part 3 we’ll attempt to expose an apparent distributor who operates within these networks. Back to Yandex. To further emphasize how similar Yandex is to Google, here are some control searches. When typing “kids”, the images are as they should be. The same goes for any other mixture of S,R and C. So if we search “RCS” “RCSUSA” and some others all of them are fine but what happens if we type in “SRCUSA”

[Shows SRCUSA Entered into Yandex Search]
[Results are little girls who look scared, some with black eyes.]
[Scantily Clad Young Girls Shown]
[Comments and Category Tags say explicit things like “young girls c*mming”]
[Hundreds of results shown]
[Child Pornography sites listed in top of results]


  • In part one I showed how the term “BH kids” was almost certainly a pedophile code as it revealed indecent images of children on Google; some of which cryptically. But there are some who claimed I was making a mistake; pointing to the German use of “BH”; which means bra. This definitely helps to explain why quote: “bra” was found next to many of the images. But it does not explain the BH kids logo on the Vietnamese YouTube channel where I found the term in the first place. Furthermore, one of the most suggestive images BH kids pulled up was of this young girl; who I’ve chosen to pixelate given that the image has already been printed onto a foreign newspaper. Now, if Google’s suggestion of this image only had to do with the German word for bra typed next to kids, and not potentially indicative of a larger operation, then how do you explain this?

[SRC USA is entered into Yandex and the exact same image is found]

Dr. Phil

  • All day yesterday doing a shoot with the pizzaslime blog… Is that fun for you?


  • The term SRC, which is typically short for source or search, appears to act in this case as a kind of algorithmic glue for online predators on Yandex. These images are then collected and shared on Yandex profiles.
  • Disturbing amounts of illegal child exploitation imagery are currently being catalogued and shared by predators on Russia’s Yandex search engine. Terms like “SRC USA” “SRC kids” “SRC boys” all surfaced images of children in varying degrees of dress; many with sexually explicit tags and comments. The Yandex child pornography problem exemplifies the failure of big tech to effectively resolve an issue which could easily be fixed by blocking or cleaning up those queries. It’s entirely possible that Tom Hanks has no connection to the term. But it would have been misleading, even dishonest, if I didn’t include that this image was how the apparent code was discovered. Additionally, because it included Tom Hanks leaving out the testimonies of Isaac and Sarah would have also left out information we felt was pertinent and it’s up to you to decide the authenticity of their claims. But what I find most bizarre is that apparently, in general, Yandex knows this is a problem. Whether or not they’re aware of the specifics this documentary remains to be seen but it does appear they’re knowledgeable of their engines failure to eliminate images showing child sexual abuse which begs the question: why aren’t they fixing it?

Using the globalists own tactics against them.


PEDOGATE – The People Who Rule, Ritualistic Pedophilia & Child Sacrifice

PEDOGATE- The people in power are pedophiles. They’ve been in control of mankind for many centuries. For those hundreds of years they’ve hunted for power and youth. They’re willing to do anything for a taste of innocence mixed with fear. Recently the death of Jeffrey Epstein brought the sinister underworld…

May 2, 2020


Universities Teaching Pedophilia – Class on “Sexual Pleasure & Response in Infants”

PEDOGATE is in Our Universities! A human sexuality class at the University of North Texas, led by professor Terry E. Davis, asks enlisted students to observe “sexual interactions” in toddlers. The college class also incorporated a slideshow presentation titled “Sexual Pleasure and Response in Infants.” A report from The College…

July 16, 2020


Bill Gates Coronavirus Agenda EXPOSED – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Bill Gates has an agenda and it involves you, a novel coronavirus and vaccines. Gates is a globalist who has made several of his agendas public. One of the global objectives of the Gates family is to force worldwide vaccination mandates on humanity. This page is a profile of everything…

April 26, 2020

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