#QAnon, Deep State, Trump Derangement

Keith Olbermann Freaks Out & Goes on Maniacal Anti-Trump Rant. Threatening Trump Himself & Anyone Who Supported Him. Almost as if He’s Fighting For His Life?

Is it starting to make a bit more sense now? Trump is wiping out his rivals. Not politically. But physically. What you see here is a man tired of hearing about yet another one of his friends getting taken out or dragged down to Gitmo.

This started a while back when they were freaking out about how Obama had “fallen”, and it continues on. Sounds like Keithie is due for the ritual serpent seed chopping block soon enough.

That rabid rant reveals the true terror he feels right now.

You’re FUCKED bro. HaSatan is coming to collect a bit earlier than you had thought huh?

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