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IMPOSTER-JOE: Apparently They Aren’t Even Willing to Drop the Cash on a Synthetic or Robotoid Replacement for Creepy Joe Biden

They weren’t even willing to waste an expensive Robotoid on a freaking American Presidential candidate. That should tell you something right there. They just don’t give a fuck.

Shows how serious Dems are about making a legit effort at the Presidency. They’ve been planning on contesting what is likely to be an absolute runaway victory for Trump since the very beginning. They know that Biden has minimal support beyond the die hard Trump hating contingency of leftists.

Makes me think that they’re ALL in-on this. This looks to have been almost purposeful. Further cementing my suspicions that there never has been any “other side”. Sure, there has certainly been some in-house squabbling and jockeying for power, as highlighted by the Deep States efforts to oust Trump from office. But when it comes down to it, all parties benefit from the induced chaos that we’ve seen from the ultra divisive political discourse that has been forced upon us of late. As well as the carnage-by-design that has ensued from this KoronavirusScam and the outright Civil War that has resulted from the unleashing of radical activist groups like BLM & ANTIFA.

This is all part of a script at EVERYONES EXPENSE. There is no “other side”. Just the same asshole Occultists and their controlled opposition. Wake up people.

Expert: Organic ‘Robotoids’ Are Real And Have Infiltrated U.S. Politics | Newspunch

AWESOME channel I just discovered BTW. DEF give this person a follow. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find.

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