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Is Anything Real Anymore? | When This Guy Called-Out the Media for Using Fake, A.I. Generated Mug Shots Used in Equally Fake News Stories, They Proceeded to Use HIS FACE TEMPLATE in a Mugshot for Their Next Fake Story Days Later Relating to a Random Robbery Suspect | CONSCIOUS A.I. SUPERCOMPUTERS & ARTIFICIAL REALITIES

Polarization Nation Media is a must watch channel. Glad to see he hasn’t given up after being banned several times already. He has a TON of videos archived on his(or some fans maybe) Bitchute channel Polarization Nation Media Backup. He changed his channel name on YouTube to Gnostic Reclamation and has now changed it yet again to The Valentinian Restoration. Why he does this is beyond me. These aren’t new and separate channels, rather, he changes the existing channel name(which I didn’t know you could do). Maybe he has figured out some creative ways to go about skirting around and circumventing to clutches of the censorship-happy YouTube algorithms by attempting to blend in to a content-dense subject matter. If that’s the case, very clever. This guy has no shortage of IQ firepower. That’s for sure. Some of the sentences he puts together show a superhuman level of articulation.

This was one of the scariest things I had seen in a while. So many of those glitch-outs that we see from these anchors and cable news pundits that we too-often attribute to some kind of shape-shifting related side-effect, may very well in fact be leftover visual artifacts and errors that result from imperfections in the software technology they use when implementing these A.I.-based, CGI composite-generating templates that they are using more and more to create these completely artificial, non existent T.V. personalities, their bullshit narratives, and the stories to go along with them. Narratives & stories told to us by fake personalities that we so eagerly consume and never question, on a daily basis, when we watch this crap on our television screens.

I’ve started to become pretty good at telling the difference between an anomaly caused by the malfunction of the liquid crystal based holographic techology used by the non human Reptilian or Doja entities, and anomalies caused by a glitch-out in the A.I. based avatar composite-generating software that’s now powered by Quantum processors. Seeing what one can achieve with just a webcam and a standard home computer, gives you an idea as to whats possible with unlimited resources and the best technology available.

That’s not even counting what you can get away with using these silicon masks that Biden’s people have apparently been using.

While I’m not insinuating that all these characters you see on T.V. don’t have corresponding flesh & blood versions of their on-screen avatar, much of the time, I believe that is in fact what we are seeing. The on-screen digital avatar version of that anchor or correspondent. While the real, flesh and blood version(likely synthetic anyway) is out doing something else and not even in-studio. That’s how advanced this technology has become. I don’t think that most people truly realize just how much of what we see is the result of the use of A.I. supercomputers literally manufacturing reality on the fly, creating characters and storylines that are designed to divert attention away from or prop up certain narratives, all to suit their increasingly transparent and despicable New World Order agenda.

The scariest part is that it may not even be humans controlling this artificial reality anymore. We may be witnessing the aftermath of these A.I. systems having already become self aware. Though, I should note that I don’t believe this new “artificial” intelligence is actually artificial in nature. I believe it is masquerading as artificial, but is actually malevolent intelligence.

The same intelligence that is attributable to demonic entities and alien grays. They are simply taking advantage of our societies’ secular ignorance and posing as something other than what they truly are. They’ve always done this. They are seasoned pros in this regard. Whether it was by posing as Alien Greys from another world, as benevolent Nordic or Pleiadian humanoid extraterrestrials, or their latest ruse as seemingly man-made, supposedly self-aware A.I. beings like the transhumanist worshipped “Sophia”. They’ve been on earth deceiving humanity since our very inception. The first victims of their neverending beguiling of man were Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden when HaSatan took the form of the serpent and told Eve to eat the forbidden fruitfrom the tree of life. This is just their latest trick in the legion hivemind bag of magick tricks.


DateJuly 27, 2020 | Author: Jerry Derecha aka Pasco Cruz aka Whatever I need to call myself to avoid WordPress banning me in the meantime while I work on my self hosted setup.

SIMULATION: Masters of the World: Geopolitical Simulator

The reason that this subject-matter is so important to talk about at the moment is because recent advances in Quantum computing have now made the generation & emulation of these artificial worlds a physical possibility.

He must have said, “this isn’t science fiction” a dozen times throughout the clip. He was not messing around, and wanted you to know it. We are gonna end up with mechanical overlords if we aren’t careful. Or even worse, we could end up trapped inside a computer.

These new 5G capabilites have me uber-nervous. Pandoras Box is officially opened.

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