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Paralells Found in the Bible Supporting the Existence of the “Black Sun” & Godgevlamstes “Crater Earth” Theory

I will look for any excuse in the world to talk about my beloved creator Earth theory and I couldn’t help but notice at the following verse from Genesis provides tremendous supporting evidence in the way it describes the types of light. The “Crater Earth” theory postulates that there is not just “light” but in fact 2 kinds of light. White light & black light and that our sun is a “black sun”.

I know, I know. The “black sun” is worshipped in certain occult(in this context, occult simply meaning “secret”, without a negative esoteric connotation) circles and was famously worshipped by the Nazis. There’s plenty of evidence that Nazi leaders were privy to all sorts of secret ancient knowledge. The existence of this “black sun” was likely just one of many secrets they kept close to them and withheld from the rest of the world. It’s an important part of the theory in that it explains how the reflection of our giant Earth is seen in the form of the moon. This Bible verse seems to cooberate this. So just because it has a history of being attached to nazi occultists does not make it inherently evil as a scientific hypothesis. It just happens that that was one of the pieces of secret knowledge that they kept close to them. Nothing more. In fact it actually helps to cooberate the theory since the nazis were known to possess quite the scientific accumen and may have even hinted at this theory in the past.

At least it could be interpreted to be referring to these two distinct types of light.

While I don’t agree with all of what Godgevlamste speculates on in these videos outlining his supporting evidence for the “Crater Earth” theory. Most notably regarding his “Cult of Jesus” hypothesis. That aside, the bulk of his theory really resonated with me and as far as Christian deception goes, there certainly has been quite a bit of meddling with scripture and purposeful distortion of the true history behind this Messiah figure and soon if God that we call Jesus in modern times. The most notable perversions and distortions can be attributed to Talmudic & Jesuit influences that emerged from the wreckage of the Holy Roman Empire. An empire that really never went anywhere. It’s leaders simply wear different hats now. I am constantly finding myself being forced to sift through many of the intentional inaccuracies that were injected into the modern narrative by these fabricators of history. We can leave it at that.

I will also make sure to repost a lot of my content from the old, recently censored Adrenogate blog regarding the true name and identity of the Messiah and the muddying of the waters that was perpetrated by so many of the Babylonian mystery religions who are loyal to the Anti-Christ. Anti-Christ meaning “in place of”, or “a substitute” for the true Messiah. (Yahuah, Yahusha, Immanuel, Isa, among many iterations). A prime example would be the image of Abbadon/Apollyon we see plastered on the walls of all the Catholic churches. I’ve been talking quite a bit about Appolyon lately.

I just wanted to put that out there so there’s no confusion over whether or not I am sympathetic to those particular secular aspects of his theory.

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