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Are We FINALLY Going to See Public Disclosure of the Cabal Atrocities? I THINK YES…| ARCHIVED VIDS: Killarie “Snuph”, Ellen “Degenerate” & Tom “Hanx” VIDEOS

“A Plan to Deceive the World” maybe. Wait! Don’t leave yet. I totally believe the part about the executions and tribunals. That part is definitely true. It has to be. I’ve been collecting and collating all the evidence as its been pouring in since the “March Massacre” (as I call it) started at the tail end of March and is hopefully about to culminate in an upcoming HARD disclosure about what went down. If your new to all this you need to go watch the “Fall of the Cabal” documentary series and then come back. There’s even now a sequel that just came out.

Most recent arrests & executions breakdown👇

I think it’s FINALLY time we see some damn results. It’s looking like we are about to finally get our wish.

This “Santa Surfing” handle that put out the original tweet was promptly suspended.

I’ve been hearing these kinds of claims from the Q community ever since I first got involved at the beginning of this year. In fact so much time has passed since then that it actually afforded me the opportunity to discern for myself what I now see as the true and ultimately deceptive reality of their malevolent esoteric, God-undermining agenda.

These realizations however did not add up to the crux of the claims about the arrests, tribunals and executions being untrue. Quite the opposite in fact. Taking out these ultra evil characatures like Hillary, Brennan and “the big ticket” Barry Soetoro, was an important aspect of pulling off this ruse. The deception doesn’t work without the public disclosure of their evil misdeeds.

I’ve never changed my stance as to the authenticity of that aspect of the narrative. There was WAY too much evidence out there to support it.

So I’m somewhat relieved to see the recent hints being dropped(not Q drops, if you had gone by the Q drops you would have expected this “disclosure to have went down back in 2018) by certain parties involved who seem to be getting ready to come out and plop the truth down into the laps of the rest of the pretentious, know-it-all “normie” world. People who lap up the excrement narratives served up by the lamestream.

The “handing-off” of the hat/baton to “John” at the rally was the most unambiguous sign we’ve seen yet from Big T directly. So these recent rumors that are going around, some of which I cited above, have me giddy that “something” is FINALLY about to go down. What that “something” is and how honest the crux of it turns out to be is a different story. But there will be some upcoming action. That much I’m sure of.

Imagine if nothing at all ended up happening and Joe Biden had won the election? Q would have been totally discredited, there would have been no NESARA, and my claims about the true harrowing agenda of an operation that never even existed to begin with would have been an especially bad look. I would have looked like the biggest jackass of all time. Even more so than the Q supporters. EVERYBODY would hate me. At least more so than I’m already hated. You should see some of the messages I get. Lol.

I’m still not in the clear yet, but my discernment seems to be holding up so far. I think we can now officially get the popcorn out. Q’s been telling us to get the popcorn out for a while now, with nothing exciting really having transpired so far, but now I’m giving the official green light to get excited.

Hillary & “The Video”, Hanx, Oprah, Ellen, & “The March Massacre”: the beggining of it all

These are some of the videos from what I had in the archive relating to Hillary, Ellen, Hanx. I figured I’d post some of the original classics that I had saved up(I don’t delete anything) and the original thread on Hanx getting arrested from the now defunct and dead Twitter account of the great @Tommy G(R.I.P., the handle, not him) that outlined all the chaos that went down when Big T first started to make his move and went after his Phoenix Order “Serpent Seed” rivals and began dragging them down to Gitmo to meet their fate. As you can tell by the behavior of the press, they are PISSED.

Ellen was PISSED. Too bad she’ll be dead before she can take revenge on the person who snitched. That person was very likely Weinstein. Epstein likely also gave up many of them as well. But they should have known better with Epstein, as he was a known MOSSAD “honey hole” operator for a long time.


Oprah with her “soul mate”, “John of God”, Who was recently arrested by Brazilian authorities for having underage girls chained to beds on his property that he would force “breed” with to produce more slaves for his cult compound.👇


👆Many people thought that the Hanx SNL appearance was the unveiling of the fancy new “Beast tech”(as I call it) or “image maker” as the great and brilliant Rose Hannah likes to refer to it as. Rose Hannah being the YouTuber, esoteric guru and Gematria decoding super-genuis who first identified the actual first time that the Quantum computer powered CGI image-maker was used on the public. Below you can see the press conference where Big T supernaturally slides across the screen. You can only pick up on it when you play it back in reverse. This gimmick was a way for fellow occultists to be made aware of the fact that the image they were seeing on their screens was in fact a fabricated one. “A miracle maker” as their Gematria comms referred to it as. They’ve been using it like crazy every since.

The appearance that Hanx made on SNL didn’t require any gimmicks for viewers to realize that it was in fact a blatant CGI composite. Analysis of the footage revealed a very clear and noticable delineation from the outline of his head and the background. Periodically blending and shifting color profiles between the outline and the artifacts surrounding it. Making it very obvious that it was not a real image of Tom Hanks(Hanx).

HANX: Where’s Weirdo?

Tom Hanks & Madonna Have Arrest Warrants in California_ More predictions of the Q psyop coming true: (VIDEO)


UPDATE: 5-27

  • The images of Hanx in the car with Rita in L.A. were of his brother. We know they can even use CGI composites in real time video as well.
  • Tom Hanks was hastily given lethal 💉 injection at a U.S. Naval base in Australia after refusing to be extradited back to the U.S. or Gitmo
  • Rita appears to have been alive for several days after they had supposedly flown back to L.A., however I speculate she was given a lethal injection while in Australia as well. I believe the last time we saw the real Rita was when she was holding up the Ender’s Game book. The Rita we see now is a CGI composite. Therefore:
  • All the videos we have seen of Rita and Hanx have been Quantum computer generated composites. With Tom’s brother playing the part w/ an overlay/mask over his face. Rita must be being portrayed by an unknown lookalike using a CGI overlay. OR she did survive Australia and is being held at Gitmo.

A thread by Tommy G


TONS of chaos on the twitter machine circling Tom Hanks for the last couple weeks….. I’ll walk u thru a cliff notes timeline of some oddities, then gunna show u what I found at the end….make sure u finish the thread, heres some notes.


As we know his whole “trip to australia” was REALLY WEIRD. everything from bringing his “corona” computer? posting pics w barcodes on a door? photoshopping pics of a cup on a plate? and the yellow garbage bag being in 2 diff places on diff days?

but we all know this already

this was all really odd, but imo the oddest thing was last week Rita started posting INSANE VIDEOS of her holding an ENDERS GAME book, giving out a number for everyone to call & looking REALLY nervous. All WITH NO TOM HANKS in vids!

go to her IG to see

so that shit was really weird, then we had Chet Hanks posting shirtless vids LOSING HIS FUCKING MIND! 1st “joking” about being in the illuminati & drinking baby blood, THEN cursing at everyone for thinking he is in the illuminati as he shows off his PYRAMID W/ EYE ON HIS CHEST

WTF WAS THAT? then he follows it up with this weird ass shit…….BEGGING Tom hanks for updates….at the same time as he is saying “he’s his boy!”

why so hard to contact him? ppl have phones in quarantine! unless……… hes not in quarantine.

David spade seems a bit worried about Tom Hanks huh? Wants “minute by minute” updates and if “he pulls thru” we may be ok

👇👇When this kid from the NPC show first came on the scene I thought he was just going to be yet another cheesy, cringy bandwagon jumper who would bring nothing to the table. But I was mistaken and the goofy little fella has really grown on me. He actually produces very well put together breakdowns on the NPC show and most importantly he does his homework and keeps up with everything and can help you save a lot of time extracting the useful info about a certain event or topic within the weird realm of coverage relating to these Cabal arrests and the subsequent fallout that’s ensuing. You won’t get made up or sensationalized innuendo out of him.

Reversed speech analysis….

If he’s ur “boyeeeeeee” as u said, why don’t u just call him

Unless………u cant! (Notice the note pad on desk)

so now that u are caught up on about 10% of the oddities (there are A LOT MORE) we now fast forward to this week.

First of all, Chet & Rita have all been posting obnoxious videos non stop…..but over the last 6 days…..NONE OF THEM HAVE POSTED A VIDOE???? why they stop? DONT FUCKIN GIMME THAT “well they tweeted” bullshit

as someone who owns 4 businesses, i have access to all our company accounts and know a tweet from an account means nothing, ANYONE can post from an account.

Why did the LIVE VIDS stop? especially now that daddy’s home? ODD again….im not making accusations! Im just asking questions….like everyone should…..when things dont add up, i dig….i could be 100% wrong, im just trying to bring up some stuff to allow u to think on ur own and do ur own research….so lets fast forward again

potential agents greeting him off the plane?

no vid once they got home to update us on corona?

lots of weird shit…here are some leaked pics..


again…the internet is smarter than the PR departments, we know that, but BOTH SIDES have valid arguments for all situations. The big debunking was that they were pilots cause of the pin with wings, but FBI also has a similar pin, but im not getting caught up in either side


we also recently have rumors that they are both dead and Trump almost tweeted it, on top of the rumors that people have searched arrest records and saw they were arrested….again….none of this is confirmed, but it is still odd

heres a tweet if ur wondering why this is so odd to me personally, its cause 3 days before he got coronavirus we did a @NoMercyPod on Tom Hanks potentially being a pedo AND we spoke about how they were gunna start pretending pedos have corona to round them up (podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/no-…) heres the big questions everyone is asking:

-is the car pic old? who knows!
-are the plane pics old? who knows!
-why havent anyone in fam posted video in 6 days? who knows!
-Is he dead? who knows!
-Is he a pedo? who knows!

all of these are debatable. but i think i found something that is NOT debatable…….

that dude in the car that E! and TMZ was showing, was either NOT TOM HANKS or Tom Hanks changed his fucking ear!

cause unless im nuts….that is NOT his ear


make ur own assessment, but im sorry, thats a completely different inner ear, which could lead to it possibly being a completely diff person..

AGAIN! im not saying Tom Hanks is dead, or has a body double or any of that…

Im just sayin theres enough evidence to question it


as always


Tom Hanks Accused of Buying 13 Year Old Girl From Her Father and Raped Her — Actor Isaac Kappy Recently Called Him A Pedophile

Source: WorldTruthTV

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft has come forward and announced that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years and raped by Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

“This is me at 13, the age I was when Tom hanks purchased me from my father for sex as a dissociated #mindcontrol doll. I wonder how much he paid? I wonder how much $$$ my father made for breaking my mind & selling my child body throughout my life. Will I ever get to know?” — Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

“The number one problem in Hollywood is, and has always been – pedophilia!” Corey Feldman correctly stated.

What a shame Corey didn’t just name names when he had all the cameras on him, like we all have. Naming names is the only way victims are going to expose the CIA child trafficking operation behind 99% of child kidnapping and child sex trafficking.

Perverted predator Harvey Weinstein is being scapegoated to cover for the truth about Hollywood – famous male AND FEMALE pedophile actors and producers who like to rape kids.

Head Hollywood Luciferian MERYL STREEP is of one them! She prefers to have sex with 14 year old girls at specially organized Hollywood pedophile parties.

That’s why Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks get on so well post-Harvey Weinstein and the #sheknew scandal, why Meryl Streep supported convicted pedophile anal rapist [Roman Polanski] of a 13 year old drugged girl at Jack Nicholson’s house, and why she called Weinstein “God” during an acceptance speech.

Like Aussie actor Anthony LaPaglia said, anyone who has been in Hollywood for 5 years or more knew about Harvey Weinstein. Meryl Streep lied.

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep teamed up with another Hollywood pedophile – Steven Spielberg, to make a sh*te film together.

Spielberg has been raping kids for decades, along with his pedo buddy George Lucas – whom the entire cast of Star Wars had to have sex with in order to get their parts. Carrie Fischer said she had to sleep with George Lucas to get the part of Leia – and mysteriously died weeks later.

Hollywood Pedophile Rapists – all three of them!

Alexander: Actor Isaac Kappy has also accused Tom Hanks of being a pedophile, as well as Steven Spielberg:

Steven Spielberg is a pedophile, yup, see how easy that was Corey, and I didn’t need 10 million dollars, I just said it… When you’re talking about really elite levels, the name of the game is blackmail, so, they want something on you that they can hold over your held so they can basically own you and tell you what to do… And they film it… and then, they own you. So, that’s what runs the whole system basically, they want compromised people because they’re easy to control.

“And a lot of people, they’ll go along with it and do whatever just for fame and money…Some people are just like, really into the evil shit… Tom Hanks is a pedophile… It’s time that this comes out into the open because we are going to change the way everything works, because at the top levels, these people are just sick and psycho.

“The higher you go the more sick it gets… This is what really hurts about the situation, because a lot of people are kind of born into this, they grow up in it, they’re abused and through the abuse especially as a child you can break someones subconscious mind, if you’re not aware of any of this stuff, look into MK Ultra.” – actor Isaac Kappy

I know Australian victim of CIA child sex trafficking Dean Henry was prostituted to Hollywood parties from Australia – just like me. I was sex trafficked to a Hollywood party at age 14 years.

Article by Fiona Barnett, victim of the “elite” pedophile ring .


Some of the below content is from the Greek site SFAGI.GR and the text had to be translated if you wondering why the grammar is so off. However I no longer use them because they are still citing pieces from known con artist and pro paedophilia activists Timothy Charles Holmeseth, despite my numerous attempts to contact them and show them all the sickening evidence that’s available on Timmy. (Who if I ever ran into….. I’m trying not to get banned before I’m done with the new site) That alone leads me to speculate that a lot of the other crap on their site is garbage. I’ve removed much of what I’ve found to be the horse shit aspects of the peace and only left the relevant and what I’ve deemed to be credible parts of their original piece.

While Oprah’s property was in fact raided and was being used as a child trafficking arrangement, NO, the Coronavirus outbreak is NOT being used by supposed ultra-benevolent Trump & these non-existant “white hats 🤮” to mask this covert operation. On top of that, David Zublick is in bed with cringy pro-pedophilia activist & scam artist Timothy Charles Holmseth, so he can fuck right off too. I simply put his video up for educational purposes.

There does seem to be a legitimate connection to the manufacturing of Adrenochrome and the facility in Wuhan that was blown up. I usually would never edit another Blogger’s original content like I am with this content from Slaughter(SFAGI.GR), however they have repeatedly ignored the many emails I’ve sent them desperately trying to notify them about con artist and pro-pedophilia activist Timothy Charles Holmseth and they continue to post his articles & cite him as a reliable source. So because of that I am going to edit the s*** out of their stuff and remove certain things while, point out bullshit and touch on the aspects that I have deemed as credible.

On August 13, 2015, a huge explosion occurred at the chemical warehouses in the port of Tianjin in China!

tianjin crater - Koronoios: The whole truth that they will not tell you in the systemic media
Explosion at chemical warehouses in the port of Tianjin, China

Whether to cover up the plants existence, or to cut off their rivals from access to more Adrenochrome, Trump and his Golden Dawn occult buddies and DOD assets, blew the facility up.

the tianjin blast crater after the epic explosion - Κο�?ονοϊος: All the truth that they will not tell you in the systemic media

Explosion at chemical warehouses in the port of Tianjin, China

There does appear to be some credibility to the story that a tainted version of Adrenochrome was produced and given to the elites that were being targeted for removal by Golden Dawn leadership.

The dangerous virus was separated and stored in 2 parts of the world, so that it is not easily found.

He was hidden in Australia and America.

After some time and research done by the White Brotherhood “White Hats” , they found the places where the virus was hidden and made a strange modification.

The CoronaVirus was in 4 versions , with similar features between them.

corona virus 4 insects - Corona virus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the system media
Corona Virus – Covid – 19.

If you pay attention to the composition of the virus, there is also the substance of the AIDS virus – HIV-1, which apparently caused deaths in the elderly.

So the White Hat added modified the original virus, so that it loses almost all of its power and is at about 20% of its original power.

Of course, in addition to this move, the White Hats added some other substances that they would use to easily find and kill all those who drink blood and make use of Adrenochrome.

adrenochrome elites super drug - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media
Adrenochrome – The Elit’s super drug.

“Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. The carbazochrome derivative is a hemostatic drug. Despite the similarity of the chemical names, it is not related to chromium or chromium. Wikipedia

Formula: C9H9NO3
IUPAC ID: 3-hydroxy-1-methyl-2,3-dihydro-1H-indole-5,6-dione
Molecular mass: 179.17 g / mol
Boiling point: 115 ° C
Density: 3.26 g / cm3
ChemSpider ID: 21238111 »

Here we have to make a big parenthesis.

Evil lives and reigns for many years all over the planet. Pedophilia, satanic rituals and human sacrifices have always preoccupied public opinion.

Nothing came out and no further research was done to unravel all the mysteries.

The why, because very simply, all this was the work of ELITE , the work of the evil called Cabal .

Let us keep in mind that every year, according to official data, around 800,000 children are lost and disappear in America alone.

Exactly what we read in a Google survey

“According to the National Center for Missing and Missing Children, about 800,000 children report missing each year in the United States – that’s about 2,000 a day. Of these, there are 115 cases of “abduction of foreign” children each year, which means that the child has been abducted by an unknown person.

missing children google - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the system media
Number of children who disappear each year.

Of course, the people of Trump knew this, and when he was sworn in as President of the United States, he had stated that he would solve this issue as well.

Below is the video of the swearing-in, where he mentions the changes he wants to bring to America.

Of course the events do not stop here.

It is a fact that the “alliance” – “patriots”, wanting to help the new government, found all the information they wanted to expose the whole circuit of evil, Cabal. All this through the information of the CIA, FBI, NSA, who were the people of evil.

So Trump has had in his hands since then, all the material he needs.

Of course, this was not hidden in Cabal, where she in turn began to push developments and try to create problems.

This is how we got to the construction of the Corona Virus Corona, through Bill Gates.

Note another incident that happened a few months ago in Baghdad. Just to know it and relate it to the following facts.

The assassination of Iranian General Suleimani.

Suleimani was a senior general in the Israeli Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran and commander of the Quds Force , a unit primarily responsible for military and illegal operations outside Iran. He was described by a former CIA agent as “the most powerful agent in the Middle East today” and the main military general and tactician in Iran’s effort to combat Western influence and promote the expansion of Shiite and Iranian influence throughout the Middle East. East.

soleimani - Coronavirus: The whole truth that will not be told to you in the systemic media

Iranian military leader Qassim Suleimani

On January 3, under the leadership of President Trump, rockets were fired by US aircraft and killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq.

Trump justified the assassination on the grounds that Soleimani was a terrorist who posed an “imminent threat” to American lives. The Pentagon said Soleimani had approved the attacks on the US embassy in Baghdad on December 31, 2019 and was planning further attacks on US diplomats and military personnel.

In this way he intended to start the third world war, for the sake of the ELITE .

The drone strikes on January 3 set fire to the two vehicles transporting Soleimani and his comrades. We are told that what was left of Soleimani was his hand with a ring with a large, oval, red stone like the one you see in the countless photos of Soleimani.

Soleimanis red ring - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media

But as the Patriot puts it, “Can Iranian General Qassem Soleimani falsify his death if someone gave him a hand?” The red ring on the severed hand is not the same ring seen in Soleimani’s photographs when he was alive. The silver metallic backdrop holding the red stone is different: the setting on the annular ring is grooved, but the setting is smooth in Soleimani photos.

On Twitter, Mike Bravo points out that Soleimani associates also wear the red Masonic ring.

Soleimanis Masonic ring - Coronavirus: The whole truth that will not be told to you in the systemic media

The Masonic ring.

Notice that in the picture above, Soleimani wore three rings with a similar appearance, with red oval stones?

Below is a close-up of his two hands:

Soleimani wore multiple red rings - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media

Since he belonged to and sometimes wore several large red rings at the same time, the ring on the severed hand is said to be the Soleimani may be one of them. Does this mean that the hand belonged to Soleimani and he is finally dead?

Soleimanis ring and ring on severed hand - Coronavirus: The whole truth that will not tell you in the systemic media

Add to the intrigue and mystery is the discovery by the dead of eagles with an eye like Mimi B that American personalities (Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks) and political elites (Hillary Clinton, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, John Podesta) the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, have also been seen wearing rings with a large red stone oval similar to that of Soleimani. (Note: Arnold Schwarzenegger should not be included in the team because the ring he was wearing has a blue stone.)

Go here for close-up shots of red rings at Oprah.

Soleimanis ring - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media

What does the red ring mean? Joining a secret organization?

According to the jewelry website La Blingz, Soleimani’s ring is a Free Masons ring.

Soleimani associates wear same ring - Coronavirus: The whole truth that will not tell you in the systemic media

Trump had already planned the operation to clean up the mafia around the world. Having all the necessary elements, he launched the largest military operation.

Close everything, borders, businesses, and start arrests.

Of course, no one wants to get hurt. That is why all the heads of state were instructed to “gather” the people in every way.

9/11 was nothing more than a long planned occult ritual. I would take claims like this with a grain of salt.

He does not want us to mourn the innocent of terrorist attacks. The bad guys will do anything to stop it. Like the hit of the twin towers on 9/11 in 2001 with mini nuclear warheads, placed inside the towers.

These warheads were from the stolen nuclear missiles of the Russian submarine Kursk, which sank on August 12, 2000 and revealed it as an accident.

A Grave Under the Sea The 118 Crew Members of the Russian Submarine Kursk Died Because of a Fatal Chain of Technical and Human Errors - Koronoios: The whole truth that will not tell you in the system media

The Kursk submarine.

Of course, it is very important that in the laboratory where the virus was prepared from the beginning, in Wuhan, the alliance discovered that Adrenochrome is also extracted from there.

adrenchrome wuhan - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media

Adrenochrome – Wuhan laboratories.

From there, the spread of the weak virus began.

In Adrenochrome, they added the elements – strains of the virus. So every adrenochrome user had the virus inside.

Από αυτό και μόνο, ο η επιχείρηση του Τραμπ θα βρεί ποιοι είναι αυτοί που κάνουν χρήση αυτού του ναρκωτικού !

adrenochrome covid variant - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media

Adrenochrome tainted with covid-19.

It is worth mentioning that users are forced to take this substance once or twice a month. So with the destruction of adrenochrome labs, they begin to have a deprivation syndrome worse than the deprivation syndrome of heroin users.

convfefe - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media


convfefe2 - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the system media


It is important to mention that adrenochrome is an important substance and at the same time a very addictive drug which is known to renew the cells of the body and give life. ELIT calls it the “Elixir of Life or Longevity”.

So many celebrities, actors, politicians and so on, use it to look young and beautiful. Users also experience a special feeling of euphoria.

Robert David Steele is one of the few I’ve actually found to be credible and a good guy.

However, he is seen here with Sarah Westall who is known associates with Field McConnell who is very tight with Timothy Charles Holmseth. He needs to shake her off. She’s a shill. I don’t like talking shit about other content creators, but some of these people are way creepy and pro paedophilia activism is where I draw the line. But Steele is cool. He checks out. Though seeing Sarah Westall on the screen gives me a bad feeling.

Origin of Adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome is known as the “Source of Youth” Serum . There are reports that Adrenochrome is associated with Satanism or other secret cults. The cults are extremely secretive and operate their secret organizations. Worship is often deadly evil.

Sacrifices are known throughout history and have been performed in antiquity. Some cultures that regularly sacrificed people were the Egyptians, the Magi and the Aztecs. These cultures were deeply inoculated in the process of killing, extracting and consuming Adrenochrome.


adrenochrome lab1 - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the system media

Adrenochrome is said to remove the victim’s life energy and when the consumer swallows the drug the victims then receive the life energy.

Adrenochrome is said to cause mental disorders, deregulation and euphoria.

How is Adrenochrome harvested?

Adrenochrome is said to be collected from children who have been abducted under the age of 9 (the drug is more potent). Children need to be more scared to get strong adrenaline / epinephrine out of their epithelial gland. It has the combined effects of both extremely high speed and LSD.

adrenochrome lab2 - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the system media

Adrenaline / epinephrine is released quickly as the adrenaline is not as strong over time. The victim is sometimes kept alive for many extractions. The way it is done is through a needle that is pierced in the eye in secret adrenaline / epinephrine by the brain stem.

Adrenochrome The Harvest and the Elite.

Elite is said to own three major child trafficking networks around the world, buying and selling children for their own pleasure. Children are heavily consumed as they experience a huge spike of adrenaline from the glandular gland. In 2018, NCMEC reports 424,000+ missing children each year in America.


adrenoxromio - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the systemic media

Many of the Elite are addicted to the substance. They participate in what is called “Spirit Cooking” and have places that surround the subject of human sacrifice . These people sacrifice children, eat bodies, drink blood and worship the dark gods. This material tends to be quite addictive. Many who try the drug tend to have a hard time getting out of it.

adrenochrome lab3 - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the system media

A prime example of Elite and the famous drug is the example of Al Gore. Al Gore, while at the airport, was caught carrying suitcases full of blood on his lips.

How addictive is Adrenochrome?

The compound has various effects on the human brain. Ingestion of this drug may give a psychic high like no other, but may cause other psychotic reactions such as hallucinations and even schizophrenia in some cases.

In fact, Adrenochrome is just as addictive as heroin. There is a risk to this drug if it is used for recreational use. your adrenaline production closes completely through homeostasis and negative feedback loops.

This means that if a steady supply of Adrenochrome is not given and someone decides to stop using it, they will have very severe withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are much worse than the symptoms of alcohol, hard drugs, opioid needs or benzodiazepines.

adrenochrome lab6 - Coronavirus: The whole truth that you will not be told in the system media

The Cover Is Blown Off The CIA’s Ongoing Worldwide Pedo-Operation

PizzaGate Citizen’s Investigation Cyber-conference
State of the Nation

Special Note:
This important message is especially meant for members of the VOAT Pizzagate group, the Seen.life Pizzagate group, the former contributors to the Pizzagate sub-Reddit page, and the many citizen journalists, researchers and investigators dedicated to exposing Pizzagate truth.  The following “Special Report” provides a big picture context that is necessary to correctly understand what Pizzagate is really all about.  What has been uncovered thus far is certainly HUGE by any standard.  However, compared to the global Pedogate crime syndicate, Pizzagate is just one of many similar pedophilia rings that dot the globe. The crucial point is that now that Pizzagate has been blown wide open as a CIA operation, it is time to direct precious time and attention to the many other pedophile scandals around the world.  It should be understood that, wherever the C.I.A. is referred to in this report, Israel’s MOSSAD, the United Kingdom’s MI6, France’s DGSE and Saudi Arabia’s GID are also heavily involved in the same “Global Child Exploitation Crime Syndicate”. There are many other intelligence services around the world which closely monitor the national Pedogates occurring in their respective countries as well.  Yes, Pizzagate is the key, but they have cleaned up that particular crime scene so much that further clues will be more difficult to unearth.  That was the very purpose of the false flag gunman who showed up at Comet Ping Pong–to provide cover for law enforcement to scour the premises of any evidence that might be found by an on-site investigator. Nevertheless, every researcher and journalist ought to be aware that it is Pizzagate which will ultimately take down World Shadow Government that unlawfully and surreptitiously controls the US Government as well as every other major Western power.

PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington DC Pedophilia Scandal (Updated)

*Key Point: Pizzagate represents only a single American franchise within
a global child trafficking and exploitation operation known as Pedogate.

The Internet is now overwhelmed by misinformation, disinformation and false information about the Washington, D.C. scandal known primarily as Pizzagate.

This alarming report has been prepared to provide both the global context and additional perspective for concerned people throughout the entire planetary civilization.  Pedogate is going on practically everywhere.

For newcomers to this subject material, it is especially urgent to read this entire “Special Report” so that the Pizzagate lexicon and Pedogate back story can be properly understood.  We also highly recommend the following excellent ebook: PIZZAGATE FOR DUMMIES for those who are unfamiliar with the Pizzagate back story.

Pizzagate is Local, Pedogate is Global

Many have complained that Pizzagate should be called Pedogate.

In fact, Pizzagate is just one of many Pedogates occurring around the world at this very moment.  As the title indicates, “Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate“.

It’s true that Pizzagate is a uniquely American franchise that operates primarily in Washington, D.C., but also includes operations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas.

There are many other Pedogates, which have nothing to do with Pizzagate, taking place all over America at this time.  Are these related?  Yes, some much more than others.

Where are the thousands of missing children in America?

For instance, the ongoing Hollywood Pedogate is joined at the hip with the D.C. Pizzagate. The very reason that many Hollywooders came out of the woodwork to support Hillary R. Clinton and bash Donald J. Trump is because of this close association of decade-long child abuse scandals in both D.C. and Tinseltown.

The most critical point here is that Pizzagate is the lynchpin that is inextricably connected to all the other Pedogates.  Because it represents the child exploitation operation in the nation’s capital and related power centers, its outing has the capacity to expose the whole bloody child abuse culture.  Yes, Pizzagate is that prominently configured within the world-wide Pedogate scandal.  It’s not the grand-daddy like the Brussels Pedogate, but it involves a Who’s Who of American society and especially the political class.

Pizzagate is much more serious than previous Pedogates

Why did Pizzagate blow wide open…just before the election?

First, it’s important to understand that Pizzagate was revealed by the double whammy of the Podesta WikiLeaks and Anthony Weiner’s 650,000 emails.  In other words, the time had come for this pedophilia in high places to be blown wide open.  Because it all went down just a couple of weeks before the most contentious election in U.S. history, the whole world was watching the American political theater with utter amazement.

This is the timing and environment in which Pizzagate was first disclosed.  Since the very first disclosures, it has gathered momentum that just won’t quit.  In fact with each day comes new information and startling realizations about just how BIG this thing really is. That Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Podesta are at the epicenter of this “Scandal of the Millennium” makes it all the more shocking and hard for many to believe.

Nevertheless, it is these and other dramatic elements that have pushed Pizzagate to the forefront of the news cycle.  Especially when the NYT, WashPo and BBC are running front page stories to defend an extremely dubious gay pizza parlor owner, the reader knows that there is something not right.  And when FOX News’ Megyn Kelly is featuring an interview with Comet’s notorious James Alefantis that not only exonerates him from all suspicion, but lauds him as a hero of sorts who stared down the Alt Right, something is very wrong indeed.

It’s actually the real back story that is being kept carefully hidden; for were the true details of Pizzagate to leak out to the public, the world would change in a day and a night. The shocking back story of the much larger Pedogate looks like this.  Take a very close look at the following excerpt. This short synopsis of the 1980s Franklin Scandal and Cover-up captures the sheer depth and breadth of the crimes being perpetrated against our children.

(Source: America’s Greatest Child Sex Scandal: Boys Town in Lincoln, Nebraska)

What the reader needs to understand is that Pizzagate represents only the tip of the iceberg—a global iceberg of profound criminality committed against the children of the world.  Not only does it concern a much larger worldwide pedophilia ring known as Pedogate, it also involves an international crime syndicate that trades in the exploitation of children—EVERYWHERE —24/7.

Washington D.C. and the C.I.A.

What makes Pizzagate so very explosive is that all of the key players are deep in D.C. politics and Washington power-plays, US government influence peddling and federal power-brokering.  And then there is the C.I.A., often regarded as the intelligence agency that not only controls the many Pedogates occurring nationwide, but also closely monitors each and every one of them.  After all, these unimaginable child abuse operations are implemented — first and foremost — as the primary control mechanism that keeps American politicians in complete check. (PEDOGATE: Women Operatives In Very High Places)

Why is that so very important?

For the uninitiated, it is crucial to understand that the United States of America has been painstakingly cultivated to function as the military arm of the New World Order (NWO). In this pivotal role the USA takes direction from the financial arm headquartered in the City of London as well as from the religious arm of the NWO located in the Vatican.  This is why it’s so important for the World Shadow Government to control everything that goes on in Washington, D.C. the high command of the U.S. Armed Forces and military policeman of the world.

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