2020 Election, DemonRats, Liberalism Is A Disease, Trump Derangement

Best Selection of Mainstream Media “Trump Can’t Win” Meltdowns from Election Night. REVISITED

I can never get enough of these. MAGAtruthchannel has the best collection of them. I know it’s not healthy to enjoy watching liberals freak out as much as I do. But I just can’t help it. I’d fill the swimming pool that I don’t have with liberal tears if I could. As unsanitary as that would be. I guess I could chlorinate it.

My favorite line was “don’t call your therapists just yet“. My God.

If you need a therapist in response to a Presidential election not going your way, then you have much bigger issues to address and likely shouldn’t even be allowed to vote or participate in any kind of adult discourse to begin with. Throwing unreasonable tantrums and having such a disproportionate response to a political scenario is not something you have a “right” to do as far as I’m concerned. Not if you want to be taken seriously for that matter.

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