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David Pakman is the Lefts #1 Toolbag Monkey Shill & I Couldn’t Help Myself….

Here is David fastening himself into his chair before the show.

I said I would never allow myself to hear another millisecond of David Pakmans shillistic squeaks & pretentious whiney lies on his ass-clown parade of a show ever again, but he happened to pop up on LBRY.

Watching him squirm as the automated ass rammer they have installed on the chair he sits on in his studio is remotely twisted and jirated into his already heavily mangled anal cavity by years of abuse from his Globalist handlers, as he once again obediently spews their narrative is difficult to watch. But that’s the life he chose and Fauci has been all over the news of late and the clip happened to find me.

Dr. Fauci is the top infectious disease expert in the world? Oh really David? He’s certainly one of the most important and long standing Occultists in the country. Even Big T seems cautious and careful to disparage him too much. Up until now at least.

We saw Fauci threaten his Phoenix order rival Jim Acosta with one Masonic hand gesture and flamboyantly flaunt the “hidden hand” to the press with another. That little guy is a top Warlock in the game.

But infectious disease expert he’s not. His hypocrisy has been laughable and even the transparent of the CDC studies have exposed the true science behind virology as something completely different than what its made out to be.

So seriously David, go get raped by your leftist overlords on your own time. Stop airing it for the world to see. You are definitely one of the top 5 monkey boys from the left that the country has to offer. You and “Popcorned Planet” have inspired me to create a new category to devote to periodically featuring the cringiest moments from the lamest of the mainstream paridigm pushing shills. Which you happen to round out the top of.

I hope it’s worth it. I can only hope and pray I hit the lottery and am lucky enough for you to lay eyes on this post. Inciting you to respond with the common predictable secular rage and to pretentiously label me as a crazy “conspiracy theorist”. As if that will somehow be as effective as the other 15 thousand times you used it on others to little effect. A designation that you like to assign to anyone and everyone who dares to deviate from your increasingly laughable mainstream script. You guys have been using that term way too much and it’s starting to lose its effectiveness. Most “conspiracy theorists” as you call them, are the furthest thing from crazy and it’s frankly insulting to them(though not me). Many(not all) are actually very fair minded and reserved individuals who only care about the truth. While I also care about the truth, I’m far from reserved and more than a couple steps past a mere eccentric.

So predictably calling me a lunatic or conspiracy theorist is not going insult or affect me in the slightest. I’m the conspiracy theorist of conspiracy theorists. Nothing is getting past me no matter how insane the implications may be or how many of my currently accepted paridigms and world views I am required to throw into the trash to get to where the truth shows me I need to be. I’m adaptable, infinitely fluid, uncompromising and wildly unpredictable. I scare myself all the time. Even I have no clue what I might do or say next. Sometimes I read back some of my posts as if it’s the first time laying eyes on it. But most importantly, I’m loyal to nothing & no one except to the truth and the one true creator God that you and your friends detest so much. So be afraid David. You and all your friends alike. Nothing will stop the inevitable disclosure of the true nature of you and your bosses and the truth behind the nature of our reality. I’m starting with you boy.

Oh my gosh! You take calls LIVE on your show! I know what I’ll be praying for later. You f**** up bro.

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