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Obama Calls Trump Behavior “Not Normal” | Really Barry? Your the LAST Person to Speak on What’s “Normal” Behavior. Is Posing for Photos Both Covered in Child Finger Paintings & Wearing Satanic Head Gear, or Having a Tranny for a Wife Normal?

Really Barry? What’s not normal is putting a sick twisted individual like John Podesta into such a powerful position at the White House. Neither is posing in a photo with that same Satanic overlord, naked, covered in “finger paintings” with a group of fellow Occultists and pedophiles alike. How about posing for a 2nd photo wearing Satanic Baphomet head gear? Or how about marrying a freaking dude who also wears Baphometic apparel, but in big Mike’s case, he did so out in public?

You are in no position to call out anybody for their “behavior” Barry. I’d tell you to go suck a you know what, but you’d like that way too much. You’re dead anyway. I need to stop getting mad at people who are burning in hell. Yet you somehow manage to haunt us from the grave with your synthetic replacement.

In rare gloves-off moment, Obama calls on voters to hand Trump a clear defeat | READ

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