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That Mask is Giving You Lung Cancer | Kindergarten Teacher Traumatized Over the Daily Mask Mandate Insanity

The only reason I haven’t completely given up, and never will, is because of these poor children. They can’t speak up and stand up for themselves the same way another adult can. They can’t disrespect, shame, defy or humiliate that deranged mind-controlled parent, teacher or administrator who is forcing these cruel, unnecessary and downright dangerous mask mandates upon them.

Because they are unable to, I must do it for them.

This kindergarten teacher sounds flat out desperate for someone to step up and do something to end this ass-backwards, mindless insanity that just keeps chugging right along with apparent impunity from reason or logic.

A status quo that refuses to go away despite a laundry list of reasons as to why it’s literally one of the stupidest and most shameful things that human beings have ever mindlessly gone along with.

Despite the PCR tests that its own inventor exclaims are completely useless and are only giving positive results because it tests for antibodies that most of us already have. No one cares. Despite the fact that countless studies have revealed that masks are not only useless in preventing the spread of any kind of contagion, but actually directly contribute to the risk factors that will induce illness, not prevent it. No one cares. Despite the fact that the statistics that are plastered across the mainstream medias network of propaganda rags all day, every day, have had to be adjusted numerous times for grossly inflating what were inherently fraudulent statistics to begin with. No one cares. ANNNDDD…Despite the fact that to date, the specific Covid-19 strain itself, has yet to even be isolated in the lab, meaning: IT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST! Despite all that. No… one…. cares.

I shouldn’t say no one, as there is a small group of us who have been relentlessly speaking out about this in our desperation to put a stop to it. But for the most part, everyone is complicit via their inaction. It makes me violently ill to think about and most of society should be overwhelmingly ashamed of themselves. Ashamed for allowing their hatred of an Orange Man to stand in the way of basic logic and decency. Allowing your own children to be physically and emotionally traumatized by forcing them to wear a hot dirty rag over their faces all day, everywhere they go, for absolutely NO legitimate reason other than the wholly ridiculous ones that are given to them is child abuse. They justify this behavior using the same stupifying terminology that I hear everyone else mindlessly repeating on the reg.

The children can’t defy society the same way we can. We need to step it up and do more.



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