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Mindless Insanity Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again as All Those Picking a Side Have Already Lost

Mindless Insanity Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again as All Those Picking a Side Have Already Lost

By Gary D. Barnett

November 7, 2020

On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Sun, July 26, 1920.

The largest number of Americans in history just did the same thing over again for the 59th time, all expecting a different outcome. The state chosen clowns were sent in to take their place on a preset ballot, and half the people took one side and the other half took the opposite side. Insanity is forever evident, but every four years, that insanity is placed on a pedestal for all to see, and that spectacle is once again proven to be a supreme example of the stupidity of man. It is very difficult to imagine that such a repetitive act so absurd as a presidential election of a controlled tyrant could stir the thoughtless emotion that it does, knowing that in four years these same drones will once again lose their collective minds and play the same game over again.

If Trump wins, we are all doomed! If Biden wins we are all doomed! This is the entirety of the thinking that is taking center stage today. The bottom line is that both sides of this asinine argument are exactly correct, which leaves anyone with even a modicum of intelligence scratching his head to the point of causing blood loss.

It seems obvious that none from the most ignorant to the most ‘educated’ among us are exempt from a temporary, or not so temporary, loss of intellect when it comes time for them to choose their already chosen master. Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, libertarians and independents all think it mandatory this time around to once again participate in this circus in order to fix the ills of a population that today have to be told to not drink the contents of their car’s battery because it may be harmful to their health. What in the world has happened to individual sanity and responsibility? What has happened to cause division to be so rampant as to be the controlling impetus of all human thought? And why does the near entirety of this population not see that they have been indoctrinated and guided, tricked into voluntarily destroying their own lives, so that the ruling class has an easy time using the people’s cognitive dissonance to bring about their own slavery? Every election is the epitome of this scheme.

While all this voting absurdity is consuming the minds of brain-dead citizens, the top headlines behind the selection process are those that state that the U.S. Covid-19 peak is here, with the most daily cases, and that the killer vaccine rollout will feature app tracking of vulnerable groups. These are very serious matters, but until the current consuming craziness is finished, other important corruption will be ignored, allowing for the advancement of more tyranny behind the cloak of election politics. It seems the general public can only concentrate on one thing at a time, because the capability to think is seemingly lost, while individual intellect has been damaged beyond repair.

After the last election fiasco in 2016, the Democrats were crushed, and became completely insane with hate. The Republicans were ecstatic, as they were confident that their guy Trump would save us all, and so they thought to themselves that they had won! Four years later, government spending at levels never considered in history has been the result. U.S. wars continued around the world, threats of war were constant, brutalizing people around the globe continued; all while the economy was being purposely destroyed and blamed on a scam. Protectionism became rampant, causing mass suffering of innocents, and a national emergency was declared, leaving open the door for all governors to become tyrannical cretins on a mission from hell. Businesses were closed nationwide, lockdowns were enforced, unemployment skyrocketed, travel ceased, deadly mask wearing and social distancing became normal, and deployment of national troops with threats to use the military to distribute killer vaccines was set in place. Stock markets were constantly manipulated, while the Federal Reserve printed many trillions of dollars to enrich the ‘elites,’ allowing for more control over the populace. This is only a small sampling of all the totalitarian measures that happened under a Trump presidency. But Republicans forgot all that as they clamored for more and more of this type of ‘leadership,’ promoting another four years so that all of us could be saved from the evil Democrats.

Now, if the Biden camp instead of the Trump camp wins the election manipulation contest, the Democrats will think and say the exact same things as Republicans did four years ago. The stage would be set for more tyranny at the hands of politicians, but this time, the left hand of the political partnership called the party system would be in control. The fake pandemic would continue, the spending would expand, wars and brutality would remain in place, and socialistic legislation would go forward with similar goals that existed over the past four years. More business closings will be imminent, while continued destruction of the economy will occur. Unemployment, mandated behavior, lockdowns, travel bans, masks, and deadly vaccine promotion will not only continue but be more enforced. Another national emergency declaration will be forthcoming, and troops will be forever on alert to squelch any resistance by the thinking few. Terror in the streets will continue and become commonplace, as the state will allow this behavior, no different than has taken place over this past year while the other side was in charge.

This common dictatorial pattern carried out by the ruling oligarchy, an oligarchy made up of the banking and corporate systems, the tax exempt foundations, the claimed ruling elite individuals, and both sides of the political class, regardless of which party claims power, will not cease, but will only get worse. There is no difference in these evil monsters that desire to rule over the world and all its inhabitants. There is no difference in the Republican and Democrat Party. There is no difference in the left and the right except at the extreme margin, so all on both sides continually lose without even understanding that they have lost. The blame is always placed on the other side, just as has been purposely instilled in the mindless robots called American citizens since the two-party system was designed. The concentration of power never changes, and the parties only change in that they take turns pretending to be for their side, and the people fall for this deception every time, as they wallow in divisiveness and ignorance.

Understand that this planned deception was intentionally created, and that as long as infighting continues among us, they win and we lose. Until the false paradigm of Democrat versus Republican is understood for what it really is, which is a conspiracy of self-created division due to indoctrinatory manipulation, we will all suffer under a system of power and control where the few control the many.

We either become individuals working together for the advancement of freedom, which benefits all, or we remain slaves to the state apparatus that is now in the process of gaining total control over society. It is okay to think differently, it is okay to act differently, but it is always detrimental to hate one another based on the idea that others have to believe and act as you do. Any attempt to force compliance against the will of another leads only to divisiveness, and that is why we are all being deliberately exploited today by the very political system supported by the majority.

Secession is a better option.

“Once one concedes that a single world government is not necessary, then where does one logically stop at the permissibility of separate states? If Canada and the United States can be separate nations without being denounced as in a state of impermissible ‘anarchy’, why may not the South secede from the United States? New York State from the Union? New York City from the state? Why may not Manhattan secede? Each neighbourhood? Each block? Each house? Each person?”

The Best of Gary D. BarnettGary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional that has been writing about freedom and liberty matters, politics, and history for two decades. He is against all war and aggression, and against the state. He recently finished a collaboration with former U.S. Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, and was a contributor to her new book, “When China Sneezes” From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Political-Economic Crisis.” Currently, he lives in Montana with his wife and son. Visit his website.


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