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NEW Crater Earth: Flipped Americas

Everyone should take a cue from this guy. He doesn’t get all hissy and defensive when he makes a mistake. He takes these mistakes in stride and learns from them. Making his theory that much more credible and plausible in the end. It also proves that he listens to everyone. A mantra that I repeatedly stress around here. It’s all part of a process. A “learning” process. Otherwise known as discovery & discernment. Exercises that mainstream paradigm pushing shills like “SciManDan” could never grasp in any meaningful way. People like Dan are mindless regurgitators. Whereas here, groundbreaking discoveries are being made and expansion of thought and personal and academic growth is taking place. Challenging ones self as well as disturbing and questioning these existing paradigms is the only way that science and academia can ever truly experience growth and improvement. Once big ideas and accepted realities are going to fall hard. Live with it.

Crater Earth : Flipped Americas(Backup Upload)

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