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TDS Ravaged Libtard Plows Into Caravan, Flipping One Car on its Side | Video: Trump Supporters Pin Down Violent Liberal Who Slammed His Car Into Their Caravan

The “This is MAGA country motherfu**er!” line probably wasn’t the best thing to say for optics purpcont. But it wouldn’t have mattered what they had said, no one was going to hate them any less for being white Trump supporters no matter what their reaction had been. I likely would have said something far far worse.

LOL. “… where’s my phone“. That’s all anyone cares about. Their phones. Those things are expensive and you have your whole life on the damn thing. All he cared about was his phone.

Mind-control victim? Maybe. But unfortunately you don’t have to be the victim of trauma-based mind control to be capable of doing something like that these days. There are plenty who have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by their white liberal slave owners that a seemingly normal person can easily become so triggered by passing a Trump caravan that they can suddenly feel compelled to go out and do something like this. Plow into one of the cars, flipping it on its side.

Think about how they will end up reacting once the election results get changed? What do you think they were frantically appointing all those Federal judges in anticipation of? This was part of the plan and you will see CRAZY chaos once these judges start overturning these fraudulent election totals.

Video: Trump Supporters Pin Down Violent Liberal Who Slammed His Car Into Their Caravan

Source: — 10.11.2020 17:36 Nwo Report

“This is MAGA country motherfu**er!”

Video: Trump Supporters Pin Down Violent Liberal Who ...

Source: Kelen McBreen

A young man from California suffering from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome was arrested after wrecking into a pro-Trump caravan of vehicles on Sunday.

After flipping a pro-Trump vehicle onto its side and injuring two passengers, the 20-year-old liberal was placed in a chokehold by a witness who held him until police arrived.

Santa Maria police said the suspect passed the caravan, made a U-turn and caught up with the group.

The young man began shouting at the pro-Trump vehicles and threw bottles and other objects at them.

Next, he allegedly drove around the block and hit one of the Trump caravan vehicles from the side, causing it to hit another car.

The impact from the collision turned one pro-Trump vehicle on its side, breaking a passenger’s arm and injuring another.

While the individual wrestled with the Trump supporters, a woman screamed at him, “I live here! My kids could have got hit by your fu**ing dumb ass! You fu**er. You don’t give a sh** about me or my five kids.”

Before he was knocked unconscious, the man holding the suspect in a chokehold to let him loose and another man pinned him down until police arrived.

The 20-year-old was arrested at the scene for driving recklessly and causing injury before being cited and released.

Why he wasn’t charged with attempted murder remains unclear.

The suspect was not intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, according to police.

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