2020 Election, Manchurian Joe

More Predictive Programming Revealing the Sham Election That Will Be Overturned, Leading to Civil War & ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

The Synthetic Files: Joe Biden

Are They Even Trying Anymore?

For all we know, Trump died back in 1989 and we’ve been dealing with an Anti-Christ Manchurian candidate for decades. That neural link they all seem to have means something. I bet we haven’t seen an actual homosapien in politics in the past 50 years.

The reality show continues. Scripted as usual of course. Civil War Alert Level = CRITICAL

This all makes a horrifying amount of sense. So much sense that it scares me.

They are going to overturn these election results. I thought it was B.S. when I first heard this. I don’t think that anymore. Senior department officials have been fired or replaced at the Pentagon. The top attorney from the voter fraud department at the DOJ quit in distress. The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission comes out and calls the election results invalid. The bottom line is, moves are being made in preparation for a serious power move.

Video Game Predicts Exactly What’s About Happen

Simpsons made the same damn prediction. We already know of Matt Groenings propensity as a time traveler.

They’re going to overturn these bullshit results and all out chaos is going to break out. If anything is powerful enough of a motivator to instigate civil war, “taking away” the Presidency from the DemonRats might be it. It doesn’t matter if the results are actually fraudulent or not. It doesn’t matter how much evidence they present showing the fraudulent nature of these current results. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER. The mainstream officially called it as far as they’re concerned. Why do you think they did that? They knew exactly what they were doing. People believe their televisions over all else. What we will see as a wrong being righted and an unjust fraud of an election being corrected. They will see as a coup by Trump. There is no way around it. If Trump really cared about us he would have implemented those fancy new voting machines that the military had and thwarted this. Avoiding the chaotic fallout from an unprecedented reversal. A sting operation? Please. They have been planning this event.

Manchurian Candidate Joe

In all seriousness. I’ll be preparing as if we will be in the midst of civil war come January 2021.

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