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Barack Obama Suggests Navy Seals Will Remove Trump From White House | All Special Forces Have Been Consolidated Under Trumps Control(Allegedly)

Owen Shroyer guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the criminal establishment mouthpiece Obama signalling that removing Trump from the White House will take Navy Seal intervention.

In the history of my very short amateur blogging career, this is the most frantic I’ve ever been trying to keep up with all that’s going on. I can’t neglect my Scamdemic exposure duties, nor can I ignore this ongoing dramatic election fraud/Great Reset saga that’s ongoing. I can barely keep up.

We learned yesterday that the U.S. military is divided as far as their allegiances to either the Globalist scum that Barry Soetoro works for and those still loyal to the current Trump administration. In reality, it’s just one group of Occultists vying for power over the other. But from the outside looking in, in takes on the form of Globalists vs “Patriots”. We learned yesterday that supposedly all the special forces units have been consolidated under the control of a single Trump loyal military commander at the Pentagon.

The US Army, Navy and Marines have all been infiltrated by deep state traitors at some level, but the Air Force and Space Force are loyal to Trump and are staffed mostly by patriots. Other sources tell us that most of the actual mid-level people in the armed forces are pro-Trump regardless of which branch they’re in, but the higher-level generals and bureaucrats are treasonous swamp scum.
-Intelligence Update: Great Reset vs Great Awakening
Navy Seals Training

So I’m not so sure about Barry’s claim that they would be able to use Navy Seals to get Trump out of the White House. Furthermore, as badass as Navy Seals are, I know for sure that there are several much more elite Special Forces divisions under the control of the Executive Branch. So if the Globalist swine were able to convince Navy Seals to go out and attempt to drag Trump out of the White House, they would almost certainly be sending each and every one of those poor soldiers to their death. I have a friend who was a Marine and is now an officer and he brags about how there are special units that are part of the Marines who would eat Navy Seals for lunch and not break a sweat doing so. Though, they all each think they are the best of course. In reality, I bet there are non-military, privately contracted mercenary forces that could mop the floor with any of the military controlled special ops teams. The private sector always reigns supreme. Its called competition in a free market. Which is why socialized medicine sucks so much. Though the spending power of the U.S. military industrial complex has a few undeniable advantages in terms of size and access to black budget cash. But Big T has access to that black budget cash at the moment, meaning this could likely be a situation where separate privately contracted mercenary teams are hired by each side and pitted against one an other. What a movie?

In conclusion, I think this is nothing but a pipe dream of Barry’s. For him to think he could use Navy Seals to drag Big T out of the White House is laughable. He has a better chance of using Black Magick to transmutate Michelles 10 inch phallus into a vagina, than he has in pulling off that shit. Not happening Barry my boy.

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