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“UponTheFaceOfTheWaters” Might Be My Favorite Blog | How to Watch Truthiracy Videos

There are so many other content creators that I feel the exact same way about as far as being fascinated at the crux of the information being presented, but seeing through the B.S. that they’ve embedded within their ultimate underlying message. There are too many to even name. This new favorite blogger of mine really nails it. I posted a ton of their other articles below as well.

Source: By. UponTheFaceOfTheWaters aka | October 10, 2020

How to Watch Truthiracy Videos

Posted on October 10, 2020by UponTheFaceOfTheWaters

The events of the 2012 Aurora Colorado theater shooting turned me on to conspiracies. From there it was discovering other false flags, Sandy Hook, and looking back at 9/11 with new eyes. But all that is like packing your bags and going to the airport. I actually got on the plane by 2014, wholly immersed in this underworld behind the mainstream veil or spell. It was no longer a conspiracy for me but something real and provable. But I would say that even then I was on the plane but not flying yet. It wasn’t until around 2017 or 2018 that I had, looking back, what I would call a true “awakening” to use a term being bandied about in the alternative media. The plane took off and flight was achieved when I realized, deeply, that all of reality, not just the manufactured Illuminati events, were fabricated, by a supremely intelligent esoteric Divine Mind of some sort. 

Many people get hung up on this point. They see that false flag events and scripted news line up with astrologically and numerologically significant events, but fail to realize that the whole shebang is a kind of scripted reality. We’re in a funhouse. 

This is ‘the Matrix.’ But careful at this point, because it is easy to fall for the trap of the Matrix as ONLY being a demonic realm that WE got sucked into by a SADISTIC Being intent on inflicting SUFFERING and looshing off our soul energy. 

It’s not, it’s a realm. And we are here for a specific purpose. And that is clearly to learn the esoteric symbols, and live according to the wisdom inherent in the teachings of Nature and the natural symbols or archetypes which, once codified, script our language, our alphabet, our customs and holidays, our readings of the stars and cycles of planets and so forth.

You discover that these things codify into your own life, that you were born at a specific time to harmonize with your Soul’s development, that moments in your life start to align with your inner world, synchronistic events increase.

You can’t just scratch at the surface and look only at how the Illuminati somehow use ancient archetypal symbols from Egypt, Sumer, Rome, Greece in how they run our world today through finance, entertainment, religion and education edifices. That is giving this “elite group” too much credit. It’s scripted so perfectly and eloquently like that because it’s God playing both hats: God and Satan. That isn’t to say there aren’t real bad people doing horrific things like controlling the masses and keeping them herded, it’s just that they themselves have been caught up, swept up into something much bigger than them.

So youtuber Truthiracy or Christopher Lords is one of these paid Disseminators of Esoteric Information which is of a deep import today – it’s the stuff they won’t teach you in school – but it has to come to us through Chris’s slant of “these Gods are fake fakity fake.” The guy is basically Atheist. Giving us this beautiful divine knowledge, but presenting it as something that ancient civilizations just thought up in their ignorant ponderings upon the stars and shifts of the seasons, etc. No God necessary. 

I can’t swallow this hypothesis. 

Watch his videos on mute, if you have to. Just the pictures.

And pair them up with a good study of Santos Bonacci and Bill Donahue. They will put “Christopher Lords” (if that is even your real name) into perspective.

I’ve seen his ‘Bull God of The Bible‘ series about 10 times and am still getting new things from it:

So thank you Chris, or whoever is behind you, I learned alot from your videos and saw through your bull shit.This entry was posted in Bible CodesEsoteric SymbolismFalse FlagsFreemasonryGematriaHoaxes or Fake TerrorismHollywood DisclosureIlluminatiMind ControlNew World OrderNumerologyOccultPredictive ProgrammingSatanism. Bookmark the permalink.

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