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JFKs Shapeshifting Assasin | The Black Mirror of Mike Pence

This has always been a popular theory and it sure looks like he’s crossing his arm over and shooting behind him. The fact that Jackie was trying to get away from the car is also very telling. Unfortunately that whole Zapruder film has totally Mandela-Effected on me and seems completely different than how I remember it. In fact, it seems to have changed on me several times by now. I remember clearly seeing the driver turn around and shoot him when I was looking at with a group of people back in 2008 on the trading floor. I distinctly remember the French kid who stood next to me alongside the Product Options pit wanting to show me the clip. Then when I looked again around 2014 I didn’t see it. In fact, it looked more like Jackie blew his brains out that time. Now it’s back to looking like the driver did it, or that Jackie reached over to his neck and helped to release the blood pack for a staged assasination. I can’t explain the differences. The 6 passengers in the car is also a Mandela Effect for me. I remember 4 back during the 2008 viewing. But I do think I remember seeing the 6 as early as the 2014 viewing. There’s only one Zapruder film. It’s not like I’m getting 2 different films mixed up. I mean WTF?

I’ve recently been most receptive to the theory that the entire assassination was staged and that JFK IS Jimmy Carter. You can check that post below.

These days I tend to lean more towards the wilder of any theory. That’s usually the most plausible. Truth is stranger than fiction.

The Black Mirror of Mike Pence(VIDEO)

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