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THE KAMALA CONNECTION | An Evil Man Named “Kamal Aroush” aka “Kamala Harris” Ritually Blood Sacrificed WWF Wrestler “James ‘Kamala’ Harris”

I wonder if this will be an upsetting post for leftists? LOL.

No… I’m not hating on her because she won. Because she didn’t win and won’t get anywhere near the true vestiges of Executive power. This bitch is getting her legacy defiled in the same way I would defile the existence of any Pansexual demonically possessed politician or Reptoid remote controlled undead synthetic vessel. And guess what? These posts aren’t getting taken down by WordPress either. I’m offshore hosted now. There’s no button you can click on to try to snitch on me like with WordPress.com. You have no recourse to do anything about these posts from now on. Short of hunting me down and killing me. Which you’re welcome to try. This won’t be stopped and there is nothing anyone can do about it. This is just my opening post on Mr. Kamal Aroush.


Suprise suprise. Another case of EGI: Elite Gender Inversion. I don’t know about you, but I see an handsome Arab man with the neck of a tree trunk and the brow ridge of a Neanderthal or Denisovan.

Let’s talk about Kamal Aroush. He’s a Libyan man from Benghazi. That’s it. That’s literally the extent of the information available on him. In order to find out more we will need people to come forward. The net has been scrubbed for obvious reasons. NOT an easy individual to find information on, let me tell you.

His tranny alter-ego Kamala Harris is also not an easy individual to do research on. Much of the information relating to the early days of this counterfeit individual have been scrubbed. I’m still in the process of doing some more in depth deep web searches, but I figured I’d at least share the photographic evidence I’ve found thus far before going into the ritual sacrifice of poor James “Kamala” Harris.

Pretty sure there is no “twin brother”. But I’m not going to act like I’m 100% sure, because I’m not.

We know this thing is “Dead and Gone” anyway….


Kamala Harris Illuminati Blood Sacrifice 🩸⚰️ for Vice Presidency 2020 – Kamala Devil Harris.mp4

Once James “Kamala” Harris came out and publicly exposed the fact that in order to become a wrestler in the WWE, you have to be a homosexual willing to do sexual favors for powerful men, he was marked for death. He was simply being truthful and trying to prevent his son from making the same mistakes he did by getting involved with the Satanic world of professional wrestling when he blurted out and exposed this truth to the world on his self-produced radio show that he ran out of his house. If anyone was primed and ripe for a ritual sacrifice opportunity, it was poor James “Kamala” Harris. The other Kamala Harris(really Kamal Aroush) was likely salivating at the opportunity to gain so much esoteric power via the ritual sacrifice of Big James when it became public knowledge that James had just said what he had said about the WWE publicly. That was a green light for Mr. Aroush. More info on the ritual aspects of death below. But first watch the above video from Illuminati NWO Exposed. LOVE that channel. They banned his first one, but he hasn’t given up and has come back with a RELOADED channel where he has been putting all his old and new content at. Go and watch while you still can. Here is the YouTube embed of the video, but I have also uploaded it myself since you cannot trust any YouTube video to stay up for any length of time when dealing with controversial content. I’ve learned my lesson there. I’m STILL in the process of fixing the numerous dead YouTube embeds from my older posts. I’ve put a huge dent in it though and have re-uploaded most videos. ALL YouTube content will be manually uploaded moving forward. I have no choice. My site would be all dead links otherwise. I HATE dead links.


Murder by Numbers Wrestler James ‘Kamala’ Harris

By shaderoomblog_admin / August 12, 2020

8/11 they give you a big ritual yesterday we have to decode to show you exactly what’s going on with the Jesuit Rituals taking place.

The day Kamala Harris gets selected to be Joe Biden’s VP on the 11th and the 9th is the day Ugandan James “Kamala” Harris dies.

9 and 11 are the two most magical numbers known to melanin. Remember Kanye mentioning Harriet. Both last name is Harris. Harris etymology: “Son/Sun of Harry”. Harry is Sirius.

Harris = Harry (Harriet Tubman) Kamala = 42 like N*gger.

Notice James endorsed Kamala by wearing her 2020 presidential election shirt a year back. They killed James off to represent King James because this thing is biblical how they do it.

He also wears a voodoo attire when he wrestles, key word “wrestler” of energy. Between constellations.

The Hare constellation is in the great bear where the North Star is next to. Coronavirus equals 56/155/142/70 in Gematria. James “Kamala” Harris dies 70 years old (7) and she’s selected with 142 (1+4+2=7) days remaining in the year 8/11/2020.

Kamala Harris is known for her bill as senator of California locking up black parents who failed to get their kids to/from school on time. She’s a AKA which is BOULE.

This is just after they show you your higher self in Beyoncé’s “Black Is King” then kill it with your lower self “WAP” Cardi B/Meg. August 11th is a twin day, 1 and 1. Kamala Harris is selected through the death of James “Kamala” Harris.

He’s Ugandan. Uganda equals 33 in Gematria. This is the 59th presidential election. Obama turned 59 the day Lebanon was bombed. 59 in Gematria = Negro/Slave/Shiva/Spain/TMZ/NBA TV.

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