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Why Are There Hired Chinese Shills Out Here Defending Q? I Had to Block My First Handle Ever Because of One

I like to boast that I never have, nor ever would, block anyone on Twitter. No matter how unhinged/douchy/annoying that person/entity might be, blocking is taboo. I’m an equal opportunity humiliator and sometimes on the receiving end of the lambasting, and humbly put in my place.

I try to be as transparent as possible during the discernment process. I won’t try to hide my mistakes or block anyone who may put me in my place on a given topic. Most of us(I hope) are here to learn new things, grow as an individual and perhaps challenge our pre-existing paradigms and biases and uncover any hidden fallacies in our own lines of reasoning.

If your a real person, but also happen to be a subliminally preprogrammed, low-IQ libtard & useful idiot….you’re good. You do you. Wil’-the-fuck-out and speak your mind. I’ll listen to your dumbass opinions and won’t conspire to silence your voice. At least not on my blog or Twitter feed. I’m not afraid of anyone putting their personal take on anything out into a public space. Unlike so many of the censor-happy pundits and shills on the left are. Its inconsequential to me how far your opinions may be from my own ideological foundry. Your not going to get blocked. That’s such a lame move and overall bad look.

But I was forced to do just that not too long ago and I’d like to explain/show why. This also ended up forcing me to delve into my rationale for distrusting Qanon to the extent I currently do, after being an initial raging supporter.

If you have a Twitter handle with no profile picture and 8 numeric characters at the end of it and can’t put together a single grammatically correct thought/tweet, and type the phrase “there are many here forever long time“, your authenticity as a human being, or at least as an honestly represented and authentic American civilian, gets immediately called into question and is most likely as fraudulent as Barack Hussein Obamas (Barry Soetoros’) birth certificate and self professed Christian faith.

Based on the unambiguous and numerous grammatical misfires within nearly all of “Snowman @Snowman84126327s” tweets, its a solid guess that this particular handle is a foriegn(Chinese I suspect) disinformation handle and useful idiot actor-agent that’s been deployed out into the Twitterverse to propagate whatever narrative his bosses have been paid to throw their support behind by impersonating legit supporters of the cause on social media and other cyber-forums. Impersonators who are gainfully employed at some random Chinese Communist Party tech-center on the random floor of some recently built Chinese skyscraper in one of their many brand spanking new mega-metropolises.

I’m not trying to get banned from Twitter because some little Chinese Nationalist snitched on me about some made up bullshit in order to impress his boss. He stays blocked.

Why does Qanon have hired Chinese Nationalist shills out here going to bat for Trump? I thought China was behind Biden?

I know the answer. The Golden Dawn has a heavy presence in China. Many of them HATE the Communist Chinese ruling authority and see Trump as their saviors from them. So I don’t blame them for deploying actor agents out into the Twitterverse to defend Q. They just need to find some competent people to do so. This was sad and pathetic and not helping Q at all.

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