2020 Election, Civil War Alert, Freedom, Orwellian

Serbian Man’s Message to Americans & His Experience With Election Fraud. “If you don’t like freedom, you don’t like it. No one is going to help you” | More Evidence of Blatant Fraud

He’s saying exactly what I’ve been thinking. Everyone just OBEYS. WE HAVE DONE NOTHING. He knows the dangers of Marxism and you can hear the seriousness in his voice.

This guy is my hero. Someone who actually cares. If I had the resources to mount a rebellion, I already would have. I would use every cent I had to equip a rebel force right now if I could. Not just militarily either. There are many subversive methods that can be used to thwart the plans of an enemy force. Means of cyber warfare are also critically important. While I am fighting back in a way with the rhetoric on my blog. I wish there was a more tangible way I could do something about what’s happening. Anything that I could do to undermine this extinguishing of our personal freedoms, I would do. I’m infinity creative. I’ve already been thinking of various schemes I’d like to unleash.


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