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Are David Blaine & Daughter Legion Possessed Undead Serpent Seed Synthetics? | The Demonic power behind Magick and Magician’s | David Blaines “Ascension” is a Christ Complex

They are ALL undead synthetic Nephilim gods actually.

While watching David Blaines latest stunt/documentary “Ascension” where he floats away on balloons like a weirdo as some kind of bizzarre esoterically themed gift to his daughter. I couldn’t help but notice a particular symbolic gesture that his creepily articulate and smart for her age daughter gave right before he lifted off. Many of you will immediately recognize what she’s doing/signaling.

All these celebrities, or EL-ites are undead “reincarnated” Fallen Angels or Nephilim Hybrids, who temporarily occupy earthly vessels. Chadwick Boseman & Kobe Bryant were both willing sacrifices, who gave up their previous vessels in exchange for a new synthetic vessel. These new vessels are primed and configured to be most conducive to legion possession. Even more so than the “natural” serpent seed bred offspring of these elite bloodlines. David’s daughter is most likely one of these. I had an awesome video about Kobe being a willing sacrifice, but Tamara purged her channel, rendering countless YouTube embedds dead and I can’t find it anywhere. I’ll have to wait until she reposts it on her new channel. SO ANNOYING.

CNN tries playing it off as her “crossing her fingers”, but that was the explanation meant for the fast asleep sheeple. For those of us who know what’s going on, we know that she was throwing up an Occult gang sign of sorts and letting us know that her and her father are undead reincarnated serpent seed souls(or whats ever left of them[their once human souls]). It’s possible they each could be full fledged Fallen Angels. I don’t think so in this case. But who knows.

These things have the ability to be omnipresent across both space and time. Just like God. There is a reason it’s called the “legion spirit”. “Where we go one, we go all”(where do we know that from?), was the phrase recited by the Fallen Ones while together atop Mt. Hermon right after being tossed down to the earth’s surface by God & archangel Michael. In the immediate aftermath of their failed rebellion. They have the ability to be everywhere that there is a possessed serpent-seed vessel to inhabit. Omnipresently.

Kobe Bryants Death Was Occultically Mapped Out

Like I said previously, I suspect that the vessel his “daughter” is occupying is likely one of their fancy new synthetic vessels. Since recently perfecting these 100% synthetic vessels, these undead serpent seeds are no longer required to have been bred from one of the several ancient bloodlines that yield offspring which are most conducive to allowing for the possession of the vessel by these demonic/legion and/or undead spirits. Whether she was originally a human soul who has been routinly transplanted from vessel to vessel while simultaneously sharing her meat suit with a demonic entitty, or that little girl is actually a full fledged demonic spirit(maybe even bona-fide Fallen Angel) who has completely absconded the vessel for themself, is impossible to tell. I didn’t get very much of an “adolescent girl” vibe from her at all. The vibe I got was that of an otherworldly entity or undead old lady trying their best to act like a 11 year old girl. That’s just me.

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Truly there is NOTHING new under the sun

But it’s safe to say that she is no longer human(much like David) and her little arm cross gesture emulating the crossed royal scepter of the Pharoahs confirms this.

We know for sure that David shares his vessel with an extremely powerful demonic entity. This entity is the very source of the supernatural abilities he is granted in order to perform his “Magick” tricks. David has no power on his own(unless he happens to be an actual Fallen Angel himself in that vessel, but I don’t think so). These demonic spirits with whom they share a vessel with are who ALL magicians get their powers from. Just ask Dynamo.

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Celebrities are the modern day gods

If they fail to please the Demon whom they share their vessel with, that Demon will take full possession of the vessel, sending the host into the “sunken place”. This is where “Karmic Cleansing” and the abidement by the rules mandated in the “Codex Magicka” come into play. These demonic entities must still abide by the word of God, believe it or not. Even though they are directly breaking the rules in the first place by interacting with humans in the manner they are in the cases of these Magicians.

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Magicians aren’t the only talentless celebrities who rely on their Demonic counterpart to grant them their non God given abilities. Most mainstream pop musicians are inhabited by one or more of these disembodied legion spirits.

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These disembodied Nephilim spirits who have been trapped here since Noah’s flood are still very bitter for their parents having been thrown out of heaven and for God having decided to wipe them all out via that very same flood. Hence why they are trapped here on earth in the first place. I guess their bitterness is understandable. The kids of these Fallen Ones didn’t initially do anything wrong or ask to have been brought into this world via the abominable sexual leasion that their Fallen Angel of a father decided to have with a female human. Only to now be forced to roam the earth as a disembodied spirit until God comes back for judgement and kicks their fathers leader, the General, and the rest of his rebellious legion army out for good. Unfortunately for the Nephilim that’s how it went down after the failed rebellion of this legion army led by HaSatan that their parents were a part of. Life isn’t always fair. God did what he had to do. The Nephilim were inherently evil. We can’t forget this. The tales they tell in Peru about the Sodomite Giants is an attestment to this.

I simply wanted to grant them some kind of pity and acknowledge the technical reality that the Nephilim, as evil as they may be, are in many ways innocent bystanders in this whole fiasco. They didn’t rebel against God in the first place. Nor did they ask their fathers to impregnate their human mothers. Its fascinating, these conflicting paridigms. But they HAD to go.

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