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An Egyptian Pyramid in Australia? Archaeologists claim massive structure dates back 5,000 years | Ancient Code

I’ve now come to realize that many of these pyramidal structures we find across the globe are actually ruined buildings that have been melted and have collapsed. Leaving a structure that resembles a pyramid, but may not have originally been shaped as one in its original form.

There are hidden and not-so-hidden pyramids like these all over the planet. I posted about several of them that were discovered in Indonesia recently.


The Faroe Islands also seem to have very clear Pyramid ruins.

An Egyptian Pyramid in Australia? Archaeologists claim massive structure dates back 5,000 years | Ancient Code

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An archaeologist believes that there’s a MASSIVE 900-meter tall pyramid hidden in plain sight beneath thick layers of vegetation and soil in Australia. The structure is believed to date back some 5,000 years.

Pyramids are scattered all across the globe. No matter where we look, ancient cultures built marvelous ancient structures across the planet, with the most notorious monument being the Great Pyramid of Giza, an ancient wonder of engineering still standing today after thousands of years.

Now, a group of amateur archaeologists from Australia claims that before Australia was visited by the Europeans—in fact, thousands of years before that, I might add—the ancient Egyptians visited the mainland of Australia and even built Pyramids there.

As outrageous as this may sound to many, according to the group of researchers, more than 5000 years after ancient Egyptians made their way to Australia, it is believed that a Pyramid built under a mountain in North Queensland has been discovered.

According to a set of Hieroglyphs found in Gosford, there are TWO pyramids in Australia – one at Gympie (pictured) here, which has been demolished, and another one which still stands today.

The group claims how ‘Walsh’s Pyramid’, located some 30 minutes west of the popular Australian coastal city, stands a staggering 922 meters in height.

The Pyramid is said to be the final resting place of Egyptian Royal Lord Nefer-ti-ru, according to the group.

And exactly where most people see only a massive Pyramid-shaped hill is where the vivid group of archaeologists sees more than what initially meets the eye.

Evidence of their claims is supported by the curious “Gosford Glyphs,” a set of strange carvings that according to many researchers are Egyptian in nature. Located in the vicinity of Sydney, the intricate carvings are believed to be thousands of years old, and were allegedly carved by ancient Egyptian sailors when they discovered the Australian continent, some 5,000 years ago.

These are the Gosford Glyphs.

These curious set of hieroglyphs referred to as the Kariong Hieroglyphs due to the fact they are located in the Brisbane Water National Park, Kariong, and also called the Gosford Glyphs due to the nearby community of Gosford can be seen in New South Wales.

But countless controversies surround the alleged hieroglyphs. Numerous archaeologists have made it clear that the Gosford Glyphs are nothing more than a modern forgery, and how it’s IMPOSSIBLE that the ancient Egyptians made their way to Australia and carved the curious set of symbols on the side of a massive rock, let alone build pyramids.

As we wrote previously, is said that amateur archaeologist Ray Johnson supposedly translated the alleged glyphs for the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo and was successful in documenting and translating the two facing walls of Egyptian characters.

The translation of the Gosford Glyphs supposedly records the story of a tragic saga of ancient Egyptian explorers that shipwrecked in a strange and hostile land—now known as Australia.

You can find the translation of the Gosford Glyphs by clicking here.

Anyway, returning back to the Pyramid in Australia, Ray Johnson is convinced how the enigmatic set of hieroglyphs at Gosford undoubtedly point how Lord Nefer-ti-ru, a former member of the ancient Egyptian Royal Family is buried at the site.

Furthermore, Johnson is convinced how the Gosford Glyphs tell the story of how ancient Egyptian sailors built TWO Pyramids in Australia, one of which was said to be found at Gympie, in central Queensland.

This is the alleged Pyramid in Australia, rising a staggering 900 meters in the air. The Pyramid (pictured), is located outside Cairns in north Queensland.

It was eventually demolished leaving the whereabouts of the other Pyramid an enigma all until now.

Mr. Johnson believes that the second Pyramid is in fact located beneath thick layers of soil, hidden away from sight, remaining unperceived for thousands of years.

Despite the fact that the “hieroglyphs” point to the existence of a Pyramid located in the Area, the site in question—located at the Wooroonooran National Park—has never been researched.

This is mostly due to the fact that experts consider the location where Johnson believes the Pyramid is located a Natural granite peak. However, archaeologists are convinced that this pyramid could be similar to the one discovered buried beneath thick layers of soil and vegetation in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, mainstream scholars reject the notion there’s a Pyramid in Australia—let alone two—and that the mountain where said structure is supposedly located, only ‘appears to be the shape of a pyramidal structure’.

Featured image by 3mmI.

The translated Gosford Glyphs state the following:



from this wretched place in this land,

where we were carried by ship.

Engraved for the Crown of Lower Egypt,

according to God’s word.

[2] My fellow Egyptians

call out from this place in this strange land

for the god SUTI.


Son of KHUFU, king of Upper and Lower Egypt

(beloved by Ptah),

has brought the god SUTI.

[3] The Prince was kind and benevolent,

follower of the SunGod Ra.

[4] For two seasons (eight months) he directed us eastward,

weary, but strong to the end.

Always praying, joyful, and smiting insects.

He, the servant of God,

said God created the insects

to protect his people.

[5] I myself am hardened, have gone around hills and deserts,

in wind and rain, with no lakes at hand,

blessed by the falling nights, when I hide myself,

completely out of reach.

[6] In our last camp I cooked fowl on hand, and brought rain,

but hurt my back carrying the Golden Falcon Standard,

crossing hills, desert and pools of water along the way.

[7] Plants are withering, Land is dying.

Is this our lot from the highest God of the Sacred Mer?

[8] The Sun is pouring down upon our back!

Oh mighty Khepera, this is not what the Oracle has said.

Our Harts are overturned, but not broken.

[9] This Regal person NEFER-TI-RU

came from the temple of God in Penu, Egypt.

He came from the House of God.

He was the Son of KHUFU, king of Upper and Lower Egypt.

[10] He, who died before, is here laid to rest.

May he have life everlasting.

[11] He is never again to stand beside the waters of the Sacred Mer.

Then clasp him, my Brothers Spirit to thy side, O Father of the Earth.


[12] The snake bit twice.

We, followers of the divine king KHUFU,

mighty one of Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Adzes,

we shall not all return.

However, we have to continue; we

cannot look back.

[13] All creek and river beds are dry,

and we are dismayed.

Our boats are tied up with rope.

Death was caused by snake.

[14] We gave egg-yolk from the medicine-chest,

and prayed to Amun, the Hidden One,

for he was struck twice.

[15] It was a hard time for all of us,

weeping over the dead body,

and keeping to the protocol.

[16] Seated all aside,

our men watched the funeral,

with concern and deep love.

How the mummified body was buried

in the Red Earth Section.

[17] Then we recovered ourselves.

[18] We walled in the side entrance to the chamber,

with stones from all around.

The chamber was aligned with the Western Heavens.

[19] I counted and impounded the daggers of our men.

[20] The three doors of eternity were connected

to the rear end of the Royal Tomb,

and sealed in.

Source of th translation: Burial site of Lord Nefer-Ti-Ru, by Dr R Jonge

Check out these videos which explain the history behind the curious hieroglyphs.

What do you think? Does the translation make any sense? And is it really possible that somehow, the ancient Egyptians traveled not only to the American continent but to Australia as well?

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