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BREAKING: Georgia Elections Officials Were Reportedly Filmed Destroying Evidence

Whoops. I guess when your drunk on censorship, it’s easy to blind yourself to some of the unintended consequences that come from depriving the public of information.

A lot of people who never imagined they’d go to jail or even get caught for that matter, are in all out panic mode at the moment. Making desperate hysterical phone calls to the people who got them into this mess while preparing to become snitches of the century. The DemonRat leadership ain’t helping any of them. They will sell these people out before the Feds even get to questioning them. Stacy Abrams likely gave them all up already in exchange for 2 Big Macs and a super-sized fry in her jail cell.

BREAKING: Georgia Elections Officials Were Reportedly Filmed Destroying Evidence

Source: Joe Hoft | The Gateway Pundit | Date: December 1, 2020

Source: Joe Hoft

Ron at CodeMonkey just came out with an amazing tweet a few minutes ago.

Apparently Ron was with a group of people who filmed Georgia officials destroying evidence. The Georgia officials never had a clue because they didn’t know the group was there, in part because Twitter had censored their hashtag ‘Dominion Watch’:

We reported on Ron previously when we shared his review of Dominion voting machines per his observations from a Dominion user guide he obtained:

Ron shared numerous control weaknesses he observed in the Dominion voting machines and then he summed it all up with this tweet:

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