2020 Election

TRUMP: This May Be The Most Important Speech I’ve Ever Made(I tend to agree…)

This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….

Big T made several very very valid points here. The Biden team had been campaigning as if they had already “taken care of it”. They proceeded on as if they were well aware of what the outcome would be. The spread between Bidens popularity vectors and Trumps were staggering. Some Biden rallies resulted in literally NO ONE showing up. In one case they simply packed the outdoor space they were using with empty Jeeps from a local dealership and claimed them to be “the crowd”. In Joe’s recent Thankgiving stream that he put out, he managed only a few thousand measly views! I do better numbers than that for daily views on my tiny blog that I put together in my spare time.

The point is, something is clearly amiss here. To say these results don’t quite add up would be the understatement of the century. Its frankly mind boggling to me that the biased mainstream media has actually been able to successfully convince Biden supporters that there is “nothing to see here”. The hallow skulled sheep are FULLY buying it and Deep State double agent Bill Barr seems to be fueling that narrative with his latest statement about him finding no proof of significant fraud to speak of. He seems to be doing nothing more than his usual useless routine and obediently acting out his part in this shitty piece of deception performance art.

From the looks of it, this appears to be a DOD operation for all intensive purposes anyway. Which explains Bill Barrs apparent lack of knowledge and subsequent involvement. He would be a liability and probable mole if you let him in on too much of what was actually transpiring to begin with.

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