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Utah Monolith Insanity, Connections to Jared Kushner, Planet of the Apes & Simian Infected Vaccine Ploy

I’m really amazed as to how “Enter the Stars” is able to draw the parallels he is able to and connect so many of these dots. I know that his subscribers lend a lot of help in the process.

So much to learn from this series of videos that he posted over the past week. Fascinating & downright terrifying at the same time. It’s too complex for me to effectively summarize, you must watch. If you’re having a hard time following what’s going on here, all you really need to know is to stay far far away from this upcoming vaccine. That’s all I can say. If you allow your kids to be injected with this crap then you are a terrible parent and are letting your own ego get in the way of the well being of your children.

One of the more striking things he revealed in one of the videos was how Trumps signature has gone through some very noticeable changes. Is this a separate person? He appears to have “brought out the fangs” so to speak.

I provided the YouTube embedd below for the first video so you can get to his channel, but I have uploaded all the videos myself below. For obvious reasons.

Planet of the Apes is Happening Now & Romanian Monument SECRETS

Streamed live on Dec 1, 2020 | Let’s examine the simian vc. threat in some sharona vcs that will contain monkey kidney cells. In the film franchise, human DNA was altered to make them regress into monkeys, while monkeys gained human intelligence.

Kushner Relation to Utah Monument Artist & Bit by the SNAKE…DO NOT Enter the Dark PORTAL

Does MOAB’s Secrets Holds Clues About UTAH’s Monument?

Premiered Nov 28, 2020 | We decoded the biblical MOAB and M.other O.f A.ll B.mbs dropped in 2017. The discussion seemed to parallel the recent monument discovery just a few miles outside of MOAB Utah.

Utah Monument Planet of the Apes A113 “CURE” Wipes Out Humanity! -109.”666″190…We Were Right

Streamed live on Nov 27, 2020On the first show e did on the monument, we pulled up Arches National Park and noticed the 666 in the GPS coordinate before we knew the exact location of the Utah Monument. Well, it appears, it also has a 666 in its GPS coordinate. We will pull it up in Google Earth

🆕UTAH Cryptic Monument Found on 322nd Day of 2020, Relating it to Georgia’s Guidestones!

Premiered Nov 25, 2020 | The Utah monument and Georgia Guidestones are RELATED!

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