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Daily Beast Vows Total ‘Humiliation,’ ‘Incarceration’ & ‘Mass Suicide’ for All Trump Supporters

Sometimes I can’t help but think that I was placed here on earth to serve as a direct countermeasure to influences like “The Daily Beast” and their leftist-Gestapo. Placed here to push back against the most deranged of leftstream journalism & their despicable rhetoric. Willing to say and do what most people don’t have the stomach for or can’t risk the fallout from and endure the blowback that would ensue if they decided to take the positions that I choose to. Understandably so. These people are viscous. I more than get it. I don’t blame most of you.

The libtarded Beasts over at “The Daily Beast” are the lowest of the low. Deprived of any of the humanity they may have once had after having been relegated to the confines of these progressive ideological echo-chambers for so long. Carved-out vestibules of lefty-hatered and post-modern indoctrination where they are taught nothing but victimhood-procurement, political correctness and race-bait saturated ideological frameworks from day one. Corralling them into these crevices of unwarranted malice. A head-space where they now choose to seek permanent refuge within until called upon to be released into a public space to stirr up division and dissent when needed. Anyone within their ranks who may have questioned the seeming lack of any moral foundry that their libby-theocratic movement was built upon, was swiftly met with the wrath of their always-ready Gestapo of slanderers and life-ruiners. Ready to attack at the workplace, on social media or within your private life. Blackmailing you into falling in line. Its as despicable as it is effective. Don’t let them continue to get away with it. Their threats need to be met with big fat fuck-yous.

Source: By. Nimah Harris | NewsPunch | December 3, 2020

Daily Beast Vows Total ‘Humiliation,’ ‘Incarceration’ & ‘Mass Suicide’ for All Trump Supporters

By. Nimah Harris | NewsPunch | December 3, 2020

Source: Niamh Harris

Daily Beast editor-at-large Rick Wilson has called for the total “humiliation,” “incarceration” and ritualistic suicides for all Trump supporters in a disgusting new column.

In his piece for the far-left outlet, Wilson declared “[o]nly exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP.”

Unsurprisingly, Wilson is a key advisor to the Lincoln Project which was suspended recently on Twitter for doxxing Republican lawyers. 

Jonathanturley.org reports: His column captures the level of hateful rhetoric fueled by the Lincoln Project, which is funded by thousands of lawyers despite its attacks on fellow members of the bar for their representation.

“Remember, the Trump GOP is shorn of all ideological and philosophical pretense, and even when Trump leaves office, it’s not over. ‘His cultists’ reign of terror will shape elected GOP members as long as he and his foul spawn walk the earth unpunished. Only exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP. It should start at the top and work down from there.”

Wilson notes that he is not interested in the “reconciliation” part of “truth and reconciliation,” declaring a “hearty f— no” to people calling for reconciliation. Inside he called for the “motherf—ers” to consider “seppuku.”

Just as I recently criticized Trump counsel Joe diGenova for his rhetoric about drawing and quartering Chris Krebs, I will assume that Wilson is not seriously calling for ritualistic suicides.  However, he is clearly calling for retaliation against Trump supporters as the Lincoln Project has carried out in its campaign.

Others like Elie Mystal, The Nation’s justice correspondent, have called for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to investigate “[a]ll of these moral and ethical failures … and that’s before we get into the actual statutory crimes potentially committed by Trump, his administration, his enablers, and his family.”

The call for a commission to establish the truth of past controversies is ironic given Mystal’s abuse of teenager Nicholas Sandmann.  We previously discussed the case and the example of one such segment involving “Above the Law” writer Joe Patrice in his interview with Mystal, where he attacked this 16 year old boy as a racist. 

Patrice agreed with Mystal’s objections to Sandmann wearing his “racist [MAGA] hat.” They also objected to Sandmann doing interviews trying to defend himself with Mystal deriding how this “17-year-old kid makes the George Zimmerman defense for why he was allowed to deny access to a person of color.”

Putting aside the fact that Sandmann was not denying “access to a person of color,”  Mystal and Patrice were comparing this high school student to a man who was accused of murdering an unarmed African American kid and even assailing his effort to clear his name as the media continued to label him a racist.

Mystal continued to slam Sandmann in postings on “Above the Law.”  In one such posting, Mystal derided Sandmann for filing for defamation. Various media outfits later apologized or settled with Sandmann for their false reporting.

What is most striking about these views is how disconnected they are to the actual election.  Instead a “blue wave” and the widely predicted Democratic takeover of both houses, Republicans picked up a sizable number of seats in the House where Democrats have been reduced to the thinnest margin since World War II.

The Republicans may retain the Senate and won handily in many state races across the country. Roughly 74 million people voted for Trump. I was not one of them, but that is roughly half of this nation. Yet, these writers continue to write as if the nation is now unified in rejecting the policies and priorities of the Trump Administration.

It is the distortive effect of existing entirely in siloed media spaces where an alternative reality can be maintained and fostered.

My greatest concern is how the media remain detached not only from roughly half of the country but from reality. It has decided that it will cater to literally one half of the country and foster openly biased narratives of what is still unfolding in this country. As I previously discussed, the loss is considerable since the public now has a deep and widening distrust for the media. 

The result is that our media is no longer viewed as a place for citizens to resolve questions over things like contested elections. There is only rage where reason once prevailed.

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