2020 Election

Trump is Going NOWHERE. Victory Rally Planned for Tonight. This Was All One Big Scripted Ruse. Dems Setup THEIR OWN People

The RNC is holding a freaking victory rally tonight. Yeah….

When the lamestream announced Biden as the victor, I begrudgingly accepted and moved forward with my life. When news of voter fraud started streaming in, I rolled my eyes and figured it was simply part of their strategy to whip up his supporters into a defiant frenzy. This way they could make the transition as chaotic as ever. But once I started to actually look at the sheer volume and shocking nature of the claims, it started to paint a much different picture.

We knew the D-Rats were going to pull out all the stops, but this goes much further than that. Not only was this election one of the most brazen acts of voter fraud in world history, but the fraud was SO blatantly evident and obvious that I can’t help but to think that the DemonRat leadership, who deputized so many of their minions to commit these acts of fraud, did so knowing damn well they would be caught. It almost looks at though this was a total setup. Not the Trump campaign setting up their rivals on the left. They are all buddies behind the scenes. They’d never do that. But the left setting up its own people as sacrificial lambs to take the fall for acts of fraud that they knew were being watched under a microscope.

Lindsay Graham gives “arch enemy” Kamala Harris a brotherly fist bump.

They’re ALL on the same team. If the plan called for a premature Biden victory being declared by the mainstream media, followed by revelations of voter fraud, followed by an unprecedented reversal of the electorate, leading to to massive chaos, civil unrest and civil war, then they would do what they needed to, to make that plan happen. If that meant serving up a few bureaucrats in each state who were the ones responsible for actually executing the fraud on the ground level, that’s a small price to pay to ensure that their overarching malevolent esoteric agenda is seen through.

Does Mike Pompeo seem like he thinks he’s going anywhere? Is Trump acting like he’s actually expecting to hand off the executive branch to a fucking doppelganger synthetic stand-in under his control and the Arab tranny of a running mate they picked out for him? I don’t think so.

Pompeo “expects a smooth transition to a 2nd Trump term”

I should be happy about this, but I’m not.

You can see synthetic Joe dropping coded comms in Rose Hannahs latest vid. IT’S ALL A SCRIPTED REALITY SHOW. Stop being one of the members of the studio audience who thinks it’s real.

ROSE HANNAH: “Joe Doing a Code” Suprise Eclipse 12/1 led to new understanding 1335 days 2/10/21
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