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Hunter Avallone Converted to a Full-Blown Deranged Leftist?! WHAT?!! Who Got to Him? What’s Happening to the World?! | Hunter Avallone Lies for Biden

I used to love watching Hunter Avallones videos torching “The Young Turks” and butting heads with leftists at rallies. It was enjoyable content. I hadn’t kept up with him, the last video I’d seen of his was from many months ago so I had no clue that this had happened. He’s not exactly edgy enough for my tastes, but was a good fair minded kid with overall good videos before this shocking metamorphosis. To see that he has converted to FULL-BLOWN deranged leftist is both befuddling and heart-breaking. If you EVER see that I have undergone a similar transformation, something is VERY wrong and you have permission to hunt down the imposter/doppelganger clone that they replaced me with and take it out. I equate converting to lefty philosophy tantamount to selling one’s soul. While I am trying to denounce any version of the left/right parable/paridigm, since they really play for the same team, I am still obviously a heavily right-leaned personality and liberalism is a disease, not a viable or even remotely acceptable political affiliation.

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