Anti-Christ, Biblical, Demonic/Satanic, Occult, Satanists

WINTER SOLSTICE rituals, Monoliths EXPOSED, Jupiter & Saturn alignment, Alien deception PROGRAMMING!

Published on Dec 10, 2020

This video is to open speculation that anything is truly possible at this point of time. (links and info below) November 18, 2020 The Monoliths: A Timeline of the Mysterious Objects That Keep Appearing and Disappearing… November 27, 2020 Trump – We spent $2.5 trillion in the last three and a half years (Space Force)… November 29, 2020 Meteor “as bright as the full moon” caught on camera in Japan… SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING December 3, 2020 Satan and 2020 find true love in viral ad… December 8, 2020 Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it… (EYES TO THE SKY) November 30 – December 13, 2020… Geminid Meteor shower December 13 – 14…. RELEASE DATE – December 18, 2020 Greenland (2020) predictive programming Winter solstice occurs on December 21, 2020… Jupiter and Saturn in their closest alignment in 800 years will form rare “Christmas Star” on winter solstice… Cold Moon – December 29, 2020 Did Our Ancestors Know How to Open A Portal to Another Dimension?… Symbolism of the Obelisk: The obelisks of ancient Egypt represented the benben, the primordial mound upon which the god Atum stood at the creation of the world. As such, they were associated with the benu bird, the Egyptian precursor to the Greek phoenix. According to some Egyptian myths the benu bird was the first living creature whose cry awoke creation and set life in motion. The bird was linked to the morning star and the renewal of each day but was also the sign of the end of the world; in the same way the bird had cried to begin the creative cycle, she would sound again to signal its completion.

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