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Low IQ Ultra-Inatriculate Colin Kapernick Drops Social Justice Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brand, Complete With PEDOPHILE Symbol & All

BTW, after looking into it, it appears unarticulate is not a word, despite it being listed in several dictionaries. It’s inarticulate.

They don’t have any shame or care in the world. They just plaster their pedo-symbolism all over the damn place. They know that the public is going to be on top of this kind of stuff much more so than they ever have, but yet he still decides to go ahead and do it anyway.

I’m sure that the original Kapernick had his dummy-ass stuffed into a garbage can and ran through the trash compactor long ago. He was about as dumb and useless as it gets. His handlers likely pulled the trigger on the disposal of the original Kap after the first 24 hours of dealing with that brain dead simpleton. Jim Harbaugh was done with him anyway. He had a good run under Harbaugh and ironically Kap should actually have a Superbowl title under his belt, but the refs straight robbed the 49’ers 2 years in a row. Kap had a big arm and was able to bring his team back into games by making huge plays for long gains at opportune times by utilizing that arm strength and improvisational skills. But that was long ago and far away.

The version we see these days is a stuttering post-modern abomination with the reading comprehension skills of a 4th grader and the raging victimhood mentality of your average millennial. They are much better off with a programmed synthetic that they can more easily control and utilize for all these despicable social projects, as seems to be his designation these days.

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