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GBI Investigating Harrison Deal Murder Found Dead of Supposed “Suicide”, But IT’S NOT FISHY AT ALL, THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE, PLEASE PROMPTLY MOVE ALONG…

If you use Google to search for any information on this story, you will find nothing but ultra-shillistic headlines that are already trying to claim that any talk of this death being suspicious at all is pure conspiracy jargin and they assure you that there is nothing at all to see here, just more tin foil hat wearing alt-righties out here spewing fake news. How on earth could they have gotten to the bottom of this so quickly? Their immediate knee-jerk reaction to wave-off any suggestion of criminality should alarm everyone.

This is disgusting… Only D-Rats are allowed to very clearly murder someone and then get mad at the public for becoming alarmed over the blatant suspicious nature of the death.

3 strange things about the crash he was investigating:

1) car crash was unusually explosive, engine thrown 30 yards from car.
2) from the videos it appears the accident was not directly on the interstate but near a parallel access road.
3) leaked video from tele-meeting had occurred a couple of days earlier that revealed Senator Perdue’s lack of support for Trump and endorsement of Biden. Who leaked the video?

James O’Sullivan, investigator of Harrison Deal car explosion, found dead of “suicide”

Southern Maryland Online Forum ^ | 12/15/2020 | Obituary

Posted on 12/17/2020, 1:49:37 AM by Aria

James O’Sullivan Metter, Georgia Statesboro, Georgia & Metter, Georgia Mr. James David “Jamie” O’Sullivan, age 51, passed away Monday at his residence. The native of Statesboro was raised in Effingham County. He was a graduate of Effingham County High School and Georgia Southern University. Jamie began his law enforcement Career in 1999 as a police officer with the Savannah Police Department and began his employment with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on March 16, 2007. He was assigned to the State Drug Task Force and the Tri-Circuit Drug Task Force before transferring to the Region 5-Statesboro Regional Office in 2009, where he was assigned as a Special Agent III-Crime Scene Specialist. Jamie was a great mentor, coworker, and friend.

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